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Piracy continues to grow: What will happen to the music and film industries and culture in general?

If we don't preserve our culture it'll end up dissapearing, people will be able to download everything from the internet but I am the kind of person that likes to buy cds and go to the movies rather than watching them on the internet. That's why I like books so much, they've survived. 

Nothing, they can copy the result, but they will never copy the creativity. 

It's already happening! Music and video games are shifting more and more toward digital delivery, so people are still downloading MP3's, but they're getting quality instead of some kid's rips. Even DRM is going away.

Film is seeing cinemas and movie theaters offering experiences beyond stale popcorn and crappy seating, like the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has been doing for years now, with full restaurant service and themed meals for special showings. And movies are about to be going online faster than they make it to DVD!

Pirates changed the world for the better.

Mainstream music and movies have been reduced to the same beats, same cheesy lines, same lyrics, same artists, same themes, same actors acting the same way, same scripts, etc., etc. The non-repetitive music and movies are very often sold for little money, or are given out for free. 

Copyright infringement is a major obstacle creative activities.
If copyright infringement is expanding popular culture will decline.

They should make free music and movies for everyone. By doing so, nobody would buy piracy! :D 

i think there's no serious impact about piracy , its all about appreciate . if we buy the original film CD , its means that we are appreciate the people who made it . we appreciate their creativity , the money that they spent for the production , and all of their time . 

What will happen to culture in general? Nothing, culture will always be since at its root its the expression of people about their thoughts, hopes and dreams.

The industry, hopefully it will die and quick and painful death.

soon there will be more necessary for artists to record their music on a enterprise. As for movies, piracy serves as a means of dissemination and propaganda, it only helps 

I'm very against piracy. If we don't support these artists and pay to have the outcome of their work then we're killing them and the whole industry. Support the art if you want to see it live. 

THAT is a mystery! 

It will change and adapt 

I think the industries should invent some special media formats with better copy protection - thats the only way. As for music, I think there should be on super-site (better than Last.fm or Spotify) with all possible music from all possible countries and times, a reasonable subscription fee (no more than 10 pounds a month) - and there will be much less reason to do piracy. 

It's time to assume that nothing's going to be the same as before. Time to adapt. 

We have to learn to adapt to the new technologies available to us - Apple created iTunes and now people can go online and buy one song at a time legally. Everyone wins. Kodak was never really able to keep up with the change in technologies and has become somewhat of a dinosaur. We have to adapt. Culture in general does want to support the arts - we just have to figure out how to make it work now that it is so much easier to produce and disseminate media. 

There is now a big difference in attitudes between adults over the age of 40 and anyone younger than that with regards to music especially.

Music companies made the wrong moves early on and now most users won't pay for content which is not great if you are a content creator. On the other hand some well known musicians made "super rents" from the old systems and so there is not much symnpathy for them or the record companies.

I think that music applications like Bjork "Biophilia" or Paul Kelly - "Making Gravy" is the way to go. I like tablet technology and anything that can reinvent music content for the iPad and other tablets will have a future.

Music in the last 10 years has become much more of a live artform and that is a great thing. I still like going to concerts but promotors need to consider that no everyone wants to wait till 11pm in a club drinking over priced drinks before hearing the main act.

We need more musical events at family friendly venues and timeslots. Live music at home always used to be a thing prior to TV and I think with more musical intruments and a user generated culture there is more content being made.

We can all be film makers and musicians. Garage band is fun. I think we are heading into more of a communal sharing kind of musical culture where two way sharing is the norm.

This is the age of the read write web. Broadcast television is for those too lazy to pick and programme their own content.

Apple TV and other internet ready devices are going to explode the commercial triangle of advertisers and broadcaster & passive consumers.

I consider most corporate organiseations to be telling porkies most of the time and I don't trust them with anything if I can help it. Large organisations have not earned trust and broadcaster and music companies have ripped off artists and consumers for years.

The future belongs to the makers and creators and that is all of us.

Like any living thing, they either adapt or die. 

Read Lewis Hyde's book The Gift for my thoughts on Art as 'commodity'. 

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