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Piracy continues to grow: What will happen to the music and film industries and culture in general?

We have already begun to sell "experience." Live events will be marketed more prominently. The demand for media will continue to increase, so the audience is there. Revenue will just have to be generated axillary to the media. Merchandising will increase exponentially if that is even possible.. This will facilitate the eventual merger of advertising and entertainment into a seamless entity. 

I think I answered this one in the Law category! Anyway, my take there was that piracy will *not* continue to grow, that technology will reduce the prices of alternatives to it, so that law enforcement in this area will have an easier time providing whatever disincentives remain necessary. I think technology *rather* than law can and should be relied on to solve the problem.

If I'm wrong, then I guess creative artists will create, if at all, only privately, for rich patrons. Just like the Middle Ages. Good thing I have some clues about the Middle Ages.

The music and film industry will find new and breakthrough ways of promoting and releasing their art to the public. 

It will expand and grow to encompass more streams of media such as the individual. The industry will still make profit via the creation of celebrities 

Even if I read or view something online illegally placed there, technically. If I like it, I always go buy it. I think it will even itself out. Much of the film and music industry is severely overpaid for what they put out and what real benefit they give to the world. It's all about hype. The more hype you got the more money. I say give more money to the trash collectors and plumbers, without them we'd all be in deep shit. Things are out of balance. 

Those industries will always find ways to make their money. They will not wither and die. 

Hopefully they will adopt the trend of streaming media, creating a platform that will allow us ready access what we want, when we want it. I guess the hold up is limited internet bandwidth... 

They'll survive. So much money goes around in these businesses, they just need to remain creative in getting our money. 

Film and music industries won't disappear anyway. 

Both industries will have to adjust to the new technologies and practices in order to remain in the market. 

I hope it will become more local and personal. Like it was before the 20th Century. 

Pre-order sales only.

Limit to one ticket, dvd, cd, download, stream per registered costumer.

Will survive. 

They will survive and reinvest their losses in alternative mediums, that sustain their income streams... 

Loose some money, like they have been and are. Can't stop it. 

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