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Do you believe there is excessive sex and violence in the media?


Actually, yes. A lot of music, tv programs & films, and games have a lot of sexual or violent nature. But I dgaf, 'cause its something that sells. 

I will take consensual sex over violence anytime. Have matured to the ripe age of 45 years old and cannot tolerate shows or stories about violence.

Consensual and creative sexual situations and discussions have always empowered me so it would probably be not so terrible in the media as it is today.


Nope. There is excessive sex and violence in our culture. 

Yes there is 

Yes. I think sexuality is narrowly portrayed in the media on the whole. It is reductive and narrowly and unimaginatively portrayed in general. Berlusconi's TV channels are examples of this. Could we move please away from the stereotypes of beauty please to be more inclusive?

Violence is too much of a norm. We have enough war in real life and the answers lie in compassion for others and vastly increased communication skills between ourselves. I believe!

Well, they're quite proportional. Afterall, sex is the driving force of life, eh? 

I don't know that sex and violence is excessive if it has a reason for existing and propelling the story in art forward -- but the gratuitous violence in the news to garner more shock value ratings has reached an all time high in my opinion. The best news is we can choose to watch or not, and the pocket book, ultimately dictates the behaviors. 


I do. It shows that society has a lack of intelligent and education. Some people actually like that shit but others watch them cause there isn't anything else to watch. 

Is there excessive sex and violence in our real lives?...Do i believe that the media is a bit excessive in projecting our reality?...Not one bit, nor do i hold the media responsible for sex and violence...These things exist, deal with it. 

Maybe to many violence. 

No, and that is actually a serious answer. What is excessive is the glorification of violence and the unrealistic portrayal of sex in the media. The viewing audience does not always grasp the difference between "realism" and "reality," so this is sometimes a bit irresponsible because it can lead to warped expectations of sex with a partner or to a feeling or belief that violent behavior lacks certain consequences. It is as important for directors, writers, and actors to remain mindful of this as it is for individuals to maintain a grounded frame of mind and understand that "it's just pretend." 

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