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What is nationalism?

A belief in the primacy of the 'nation'. This can manifest itself in civic, cultural, linguistic and/or ethnic guises. Nationalism is a very diverse area of political science and theory. However, it is something that exists in many guises, a good piece of work on the subject being Michael Billig's 'Banal Nationalism'. 

Nationalism is the value of human beings. It means you love your nation and you country so much and you are ready to devote your life for it. Unfortunately, some people believe that when you are nationalist, you hate other, but its not true. Nationalism is like religion, but in the other form. Religion is about you and God; though, nationalism is a feeling between individual and the nation or a country. Nationalism makes us to care about our fellows and our country. It makes us to protect the values, cultures, traditions, and protect our nation from any external threats. Nationalism is the petrol of nation. 

its the same as footballsupporters. They support their "team"/country. Different parts of nationalism can be described in how they react and how the elite pulls one string to make this feeling go in a certain way. Like hitler before using a false flag attack from poland to invoke jingoism before the invasion. 

The nationalism is an unconditional belief in historical exclusiveness of the nation. Not to confuse at all to fascism is to me it is impossible 

It is a person's national identity. Patriotism may also describe this concept. 

The cancer of human kind. 

Nationalism is to love your nation you belong to. And work for the favour of your nation in the whole levels of the life. Furthermore, nationalism is to know where you come from and where do you want to go. Loving your country, your public, your traditions, your history and all the things your nation has.

Of course, nationalism is not to harbour the racist proofs inside of you, but also you love the other nations according to how much they do.

Just another Ideology that funnels people into streams of obedience to something called a nation 

Nationalism is looking out among your loyal followers and seeing red robes. Nationalism is flying the burning heart over every dwelling and doorway. Nationalism is watching your enemies burn and that strange erection you get... 

Different in different cultures and nations. To me, nationalism is more similar to xenophobia than patriotism. 

To quote;

Nationalism, that magnificent song that made the people rise against their oppressors, stops short, falters and dies away on the day that independence is proclaimed"

It is often seen as being the enemy of democracy, nationalism has also been democracy's handmaiden, from the time of the French Revolution - with the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals.

It is also a love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it

Thinking that people are better and must have more rights because they belong to a particular nation. Together with religion and ideology form, in my opinion, the "three ugly sisters". Very dangerous ladies. 

People of all nations have a pride in their country that is called nationalism. Nationalism that seeks to exclude ethnic groups is country afraid of its own people. This is dangerous nationalism. 

Nationalism is the unshakable belief that somehow your nation is chosen by God and providence to rule all others. 

Nationalism is the belief of a group of people, whether societal or cultural, that aligns with the beliefs of their nation.

Historically, the term was coined in the 1770s and is closely aligned with the American Revolution.

Anthropologically, it can be explained as a reflection of our ancestors' tendency to group into levels of society based on affinity of birth.

Sociologically, and more modern-based theories state nationalism occurs after an individual's idealogues align with those of perceived leaders on three distinct levels: individual, subgroup, and inter-group.

Fascism is a form of authoritarian nationalism which stresses absolute loyalty and obedience to the state, whose purpose is to serve the interests of its nation alone.

A social created love for a territory. 


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