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For you, what is "the good life"?

I think it would have something to do with waking up every morning and being able to live through each day the way you want to... To be capable of doing everything you love and inspire others with how you go about achieving it. Basically, for me, "the good life" would have something to do with "happiness" - whatever shape or form you have moulded it into. 

Feeling satisfied. 

Being happy. Feeling content and knowing that I am working toward the next goal that will make life better and the lives of my family members better as well.

www.whyrustalkingme.com - it's not just a blog, it's my reality.

A life separated away from the rest of the World. 

Waking up early, going for a jog, train clients, write, have sushi, read, hang out with friends over coffee, have home-made dinner with husband w/ a glass of wine. That's a good day. :o) 

Conscious HABITATION, in sustained cognitively directed peace. 

The good life is knowing what your highest strengths are and deploying those in the service of something you believe is larger than you are. 

The good life for me is 75 degrees and sunny. I'm outside with a good book and a Blue Moon. I enjoy being around family and love to be out in the garden with my hands in the dirt. 

That probably comes after one is out of debt. haha 

The good life to me is one where I am my own boss and I help everyone that I can. 

The "good life" is for me entirely outside of any moral evaluation of the term "good". Instead of moral relations to objects considered eternally or inherently "good" I would consider "good" as "high quality". Specifically what is good is what agrees with your theme of existence; this breaks down into being those sets of relations which combine directly with your own sets of relations in such a way that your power of action is increased. This is a typically Spinozist answer and I don't see the reason why such a Spinozist reading of the "good life" needs to be changed as it adequately describes a way of living in accord with natural orders and configurations. Essentially, the good life is the life that understands in the first instance the orders of flows and the orders of objects along with specific causes (beyond the immediate response to an affection of parts of the body) in conjunction with pragmatic connections to specific effects. 

The good life is your freedom and the things that makes you happy 

The good life, for me, is (i guess): Friends, music, an job that you love, some girls to cheer you up or some girlfriends/wife, the constantly custom of reading and writing, an huge family to help you and to be there when you really need and have nobody else do support you and your problems. 

the good life is a life with much troubles and the solutions of course. because the more you get problems and troubles in your life the more you become mature human. God wants us to live happily with his ways. The ways are :
1st give you a little problem which can grows bigger
2nd let you face it wisely
3rd give the presents and gifts of what you've done such as HAPPY TIME and LOVE

because happy and love isnt somehing you can play with.
without his permit, you won't get it

Depends on my mood. But the one I think of most would be peace and quiet on a secluded beach somewhere. In the opposite direction, good times with great friends laughing and enjoying each other`s company. 

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