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Have you ever received gifts for blogging about your opinion of products or services? What do you think of bloggers who do that?

I am part of a review company and I can receive books or sometimes games to try out and then write about. I think that bloggers who tell their audience that it is a review are not deceiving anyone. Readers come to a blog to read about a certain topic, and things, even purchases, that fall within that realm. 

I haven't personally but I do have companies that I am a fan of that send me emails about sales and give me special discounts. I think that is sooo dope! 

No gifts - aside from press passes to shows so that I can review them. It depends on how these gifts affect their blog as to whether it's a positive or negative thing. There's nothing wrong with getting a gift in exchange for a review or article - as long as that gift doesn't make the review or article more favorable to it than it would have been otherwise. 

No, Never thought about it. 

Nope, I haven't. And I really don't mind bloggers that do. As far as I'm concerned, if a blogger writes about a great experience they had with a product or service, they're just passing on what they think; I don't think receiving a gift will affect that. I am an optimist, but I'm not stupid. I do acknowledge that there is the odd blogger out there who wouldn't say no to giving a glowing review of a product in exchange for something, but that moves out of the "thank-you" gift territory and more into bribing. But that's a whole other issue. So no, I don't have a problem with bloggers receiving thank-you gifts, as long as the gift is given without strings attached. 


I, personally, have not received any gift, monetary or otherwise, for blogging. As ong as the blogger gives their true opinion of the product or service, I say more power to them. Peoples' honest opinions of products or services can be very valuable to the consumer; since blogging is rather time consuming, I think it would be great to receive gifts for the time taken to create a useful blog about that product/service. 

I have never received gifts for blogging. I personally do not have a problem with those that do. 

No, I've never received any gifts for my writing. I've never really given my opinions about anything other than books, and if someone wanted to make a little extra money doing that I see no problem with it. They are doing a particular company a service for promoting a product. 

no and i think...nothing much, cause i don't care. (not to be mean, though) 

I think that products sent to bloggers for sampling/writing purposes is, technically, a gift. Isn't the meaning of a "gift" something that someone gives you/you didn't pay for? 

I have blogged about products that I think are cool...and in some of those cases, I was partially paid to mention products in my blog...The only caveat is that I won't blog about a product that I don't believe in...you can't pay me for that...If I blog about something, it is genuine. 

I have not received any gifts for blogging about products. I did gather some swag at BlogHer '09. I have also won a lot of great stuff through commenting on the blogs of people who do product reviews. Most of those I know are very upfront and tell readers whether they are keeping a product or whether they got one for review/giveaways. I have no issues with bloggers who do it; I think disclosure is important.

I have received a couple of books for review, but this is common in the publishing industry.

I haven't personally done that; I'm not sure right now if it fits into my blog's brand.

The issue I have with these types of relationships are full disclosure and honest assessments. I'm actually MORE likely to buy a product where the the blogger is honest (pros and cons) and they have disclosed the circumstances for the review.

I have a great deal of respect for bloggers who can separate the "gift" aspect and give real and useful insight into the product.

Products would be better off using bloggers as product testers, particularly in the cooking field, where I blog. A review is fine, but you'd be surprised at how insightful a passionate advocate of a hobby or profession can be when given the opportunity to shape the usefulness of a tool.

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