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What kind of projects do you usually undertake?

Business and marketing strategy.
Proof of concept, financial modeling, business plans, investor presentations.
Digital marketing strategy and digital strategy roadmap.
New product development and launch. Go-to market roadmap.
Industry, market, competitive research and overviews.
Identifying, assessing and actualizing new business and growth opportunities.
Acting as interim head of marketing or strategic analysis resource.

This is easy to answer...

If I see a hike that interests me, I'll hike it.
If there's a lake that's pretty, I'll hop in the boat.
If there's a scenic drive in the area, I'll drive it.
If there's a bike path that I like, I'll bike it.

There's lots to do and discover in Canada. Grab your camera & GET GOING CANADA!

Developing Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies for business. Lately I've been working on the creation of custom Facebook Fan Page designs, custom YouTube and Twitter accounts and Wordpress Blogs. I enjoy helping businesses achieve their goals by target marketing their customer base. We also train people on software and automating their online marketing efforts. This allows them to control their content and message effectively while not needing an IT staff in house. 

e-Business Consulting, Web development and e-marketing 

I deal with a variety of projects in my present job: corporate, small business and e-commerce websites. I usually do SEO and social media campaigns, including web analytics and rank tracking. 

Interacting with current and potential fans, blogging, writing articles, twittering, facebooking, creating and editing videos, sending out free audio and video tips, taking photos, creating iPhone apps, creating promotions, customer service, marketing and constantly coming up with new ideas and activities. 

Installation server, Security assessment, Security check and OSS application solution 

Online ones, some community efforts too. 

Websites from A to Z. Some Graphic design every now and then, a lot of 3D visualisation projects. Any size is ok with us...just because something is small it doesn't mean its not important. 

i am more on programming, encoding 

Social Media Marketing strategy, Community Management (in french, english & arab... we're working to enrich our team with other langagues) 

Small to medium size businesses 

Projects of all sizes from one page websites to 50 page websites to fully functioning, custom-designed e-commerce and content management systems. 

HTML/CSS static web pages for the most part 

I tend to undertake big projects related to things I'm most interested in at the time. My most recent project was an ebook I wrote in excess of 200 pages; I aimed to create something that had a very professional look and feel and would give the reader virtually every single step they needed to achieve the aims of the book. 

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