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Lessons learnt on user interface design

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That's it's not easy to make something easy to use, but that's the goal. Less is often more. Don't ever hide navigation. Don't overwhelm visitors with too much navigation and too many options. 

Remember the first rule of interface design, "Don't make me think when I come here!" It is crucial to have good placement of call to actions! 

It is really easy to work and use. 

Designing newspaper pages and writing headlines for The Sun taught me a lot about web UX. About how the eye navigates around a page, about being immediate and capturing the reader's attention. 

Our UI is always on the list for improvements - so I guess the lessons is "You're never done"! 

Make multiple versions, split test them all, let the users decide. 

Simplicity at all times is best 

Design is super important. 

Keep it short
Keep it clean
Keep it visual

UX, Usability, Ease-Of-Use 

Keep it simple! 

Trust your user not your client... it's the end user you need to care about and you do your clients a favour by sticking to that principle. Having a great team to bounce things off works well and make sure that they're cross discipline too... interactive is a merging of lots of disciplines and no two projects are the same so you constantly have to learn, collaborate and re-evaluate. 

I daily learn new things... 

Watch people using it and listen to their feedback - don't defend your choices 


it's better if you put some troll in it 

learnt? are you from England? 

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