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Lessons learnt on user interface design

that's one of my specialties 

Mostly Adobe Products. 

An effective inteface design is usually very simple. Generally I guess it can fit in few words: "Don't make user think"...hehehe..I know its sounds harsh but pretty much true..you just ought to give your customer what he wants IMMEDIATELY))) 

Keep it clean, simple and logical. Try to give users several methods of accessing the same content. 

Simplicity and intelligence (thanks to friends ;-) 

do not use a bright green background with bright yellow letters unless you want your users to go blind. 

Tell the visitor what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it. Also help people navigate to what they want quickly and easily. 

User Experience (UX) is critical to the success of a web site. It entails several disciplines including general usability, marketing, SEO, and so much more. People need to understand that there's a unique psychology to the user experience. And that it varies greatly depending on the market focus. 

Keep it super simple. 

simple logical structure
walk through it as if you were an unfamiliar user
dont over do it.

prime example of this is fancy flash enabled websites struggle with iPhone and Mobile Web, which is the future

Keep it simple. People like something that is clear and obvious 

A good looking design, and user experience go hand-in-hand. In my experience less is more, it's always better to have a clean design so the user doesn't get confused. 

should be user friendly


The term that everyone leans towards in marketing - K I S S (keep it simple...). Clean and well-planned navigation and architecture always works best. Also, you need to design on platforms that serve the mass audience (although that changes for every specific project). Analytics is the start of every project that I begin to work on. 

I feel a lot of design companies try to design for designers. In other words they try to show other design companies how competent they are. This leads down a one way road that is not one of user friendliness.
We have learned to focus on the end user. To create an interface that is simple to use but intuitive. We want the user to enjoy the experience of surfing a site.
We like clean uncluttered interfaces and we try to use as much white or negative space as possible. Large margins, few font types, complimentary colours and attractive pages that make a great impression.
Sometimes, we have our clients too involved and that means we sometimes have to say "no - not like that"!
Certainly, less is more :)

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