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What are you working on now?

A comic book. 

Adding fantasy-themed paintings to my portfolio for submission to the fantasy companies I'd love to work with (i.e.: Wizards of the Coast). 

I'm a full time student now, and I will get some freelance if I'm free or in holiday. 

a children's book for a Belgian author 

I am currently working on some Zodiac signs as illustration send outs to art editors 

Album art for awesome electronic artist Bankie Phones. Whom is the other half of the electronic live DJ Duo King Tut's Taco Hut with myself. Other than that Flyers for bands and Album art for another awesome Electronic artist NyteOwl. Both are local in minneapolis and standup dudes. I've been doing alot of DJing at house parties and local bars and clubs. 

At Disney I'm working on a new stylistic take on 'Winnie the Pooh' character art, under the direction of Stephane Kardos, our creative director.

On the personal side I'm writing and drawing a comic book story for Juan Ortiz' 'Silver Comics' publications.

I have 5 projects going on at once. A logo and cover for Smaug, a shirt design for Black Skies, a cover for Riff Cannon, a 2 sided shirt for The Faceless, and shirt design for I'm Better Than Everyone Records. 

I am working on a lot of self promotional work in between commission projects and charity work. 

just finished a job for the band 'enter shikari'..a group of t-shirt designs. at the moment im painting for myself in my shed. 

I work for a company that designs tins for most major supermarkets in the UK and all over the world. The tins are mainly unique shapes, such as cars trains, houses, character shapes (Bears, people, penguins) I am currently working on a car tin and a penguin shaped tin. 

Right now I’m working on a picture book called “The Marshmallow Man” written by Rena Jones and being published by 4RV publishing (Link to 4RV http://4rvpublishingllc.com/index.html ) 

Logo design for a friend of mine 

I work above a series of illustrations about travels. 

I'm working on several ceramic pieces, as well as a beaded necklace (stitched beads), and a business identity for New Line Genealogy (logo, business card, web illustrations, letterhead, return address, CD label, and CD cover). 

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