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Do you have a favorite work of art?

Of mine or another artist?
A couple of mine are "Unicorn" and "Fairy Shower" but none of them are as perfect as I would like them to be.
My favourites by other artists are just about anything by the artists in my favourite illustrator's list. ( earlier question)
I also love John Constable's " The Hay Wain"

I wish I had an answer. There's a lot of amazing work out there. I couldn't nail it down to a favorite. 

Nothing exotic or trendy...Thomas Kinkade's "Garden of Prayer". 

I have favorite picture books. 

Although I don't have a particular favorite,
I respond to art work that stirs my feeling and imagination.

A favorite could be something unique I have not seen before and I am impressed with or something that impressed me that I have not seen in a very long while and have not thought about recently. 

"The Death Dealer" by Frank Frazetta. Such a powerful image! 


I love Edward Hopper's Early Sunday Morning 

Angel Fish is a painting that seems to be my Hallmark piece.
It was sold to a man in China and he use to travel with it from home to home.

Of my own, not really. I quite like some of my stuff, but I tend to go off it quite quickly and move onto the next thing, hopefully making it better than the last. Other people's artwork, I could look at Monet and Mucha paintings all day, any of them. 

The Sistine Chapel ceiling by DaVinci. It's one big illustration commissioned by the church. 

I am very inspired by sculpture. Everything from Greek classical to Rodin's "The Kiss" to Henry Moore's "Reclining Figure". It is hard to choose one favorite, but I also enjoy the drawings of the impressionists.... they are very responsive. Egon Schiele is my latest inspiration. 

John Singer Sargent's, Madame X would have to top the list. That painting has it all. Grace, style. Simply beautiful. 


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