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Do you have a particular style, or does it vary a lot?

It varies. My main style is very wild, "cartoonish", but I also try realistic drawings. 

My style varies as any other artist's does, not in notable extremes. 

A WHOLE LOT. It entirely depends on what I'm working on. I wouldn't want to corner myself into a specific style, it's too much fun building a style to fit my stories and characters. 

I have been told my style most resembles general manga style, with a touch of gothic influence. 

Yes, I do have a particular style when I'm drawing my own things. 

My style encompasses a mixture of art nouveau, anime, and semi-realism. If the client wishes for something different, I will do my best to suit your needs. 

I have my own style, i called it the art of gothic and crime. But for lot of reason I must draw with a lot of style for my work... 

I really don't know if I have a particular style or anything like that. A lot of times when I draw, the style really do vary. 

Honestly I don't know if I can tell I have a particular style, I think it can varies a lot from one drawing to another, from one world to a different one. 

Stylized cartoons, might be the better description for my main commercial style but in my own projects my style varies a lot and I like to experiment with new styles, forms and mediums. 

Yes. Although at first glance, my line work (ink drawings) and painted/silkscreened work look different, when you look at the details of the line-work, I've been told there is a strong cohesiveness to all of it. 

I had to choose a particular style in order to market myself, and to be coherent and find peace of mind. But really I can draw with any style. 

I tend to stay within a balance of realism and stylized depictions. Though I am capable of drawing many styles, this has always been my "norm". I try to go for realistic detail but intertwine a sense of stylization through subtle anatomy tweaks and more prominently in the coloring of the piece. I tend to use an array of colors to depict value and because of this most of my works are very color saturated. 

It varies. You can definitely see the influence of Mucha and Naoko Tekeuchi in my art, but it can also be something entirely different, like a landscape or a solid pattern, which is usually done digitally. 

Yes, I have lot's of particular styles.
At this moment a must have one, job demands it.

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