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With which type of client would you decline in working for?

The ignorant ones that don't understand how much work design is. 


That entry pretty much sums it up. I have printed the poster and hung it on my wall for inspiration.

Someone who is not open and won't trust design decisions from my end. 

The ones who want to "reinvent themselves", the ones who want to impress people, the ones who can't say no, the ones who think they are classy because they have money, the ones who put money about everything else (and want to save on important things) 

Tobacco or weapons manufacture. 

It has never happened to me yet - so far I've been attracting some pretty wonderful people! 

one that takes up all of your time having to talk everything through on the phone, and doesn't realize that email is good for some things. 

Ones that are too controlling, or expect the earth from you. You stop feeling appreciated and nearly tell them to do it themselves if they know so much about it. 

The clien who do not understand the design, who can not appreciate the work of a designer 

With the client who did not pay me. 

Those clients who always believe it could be done cheaper, somewhere else. I always tell them, good luck with that and wish the poor guy who takes on the job the best of luck too. They always tend to spend more than they had ever wanted to and end up with a solution that sucks. 

I declined working for a Penis Enlargement website once. It wasn't on any kind of moral standpoint, more the fact that I knew one day it'd come back to haunt me. But I would refuse to work for any client or company who care more about the money than they do the outcome, or their customer. There's too much of that now, which was one of the main reasons I became freelance 

We would never refuse working with a client but we would insist that they follow our values of being environmentally friendly and recycling where possible. We are trying to make a difference to our planet and we work with parents and people up and down the country to help make childrens lives better and more enjoyable. 

Smoking, Communities and Drugs! 

Personally I have ethical morals and I would prefer not to work for cigarette companies, or companies who bypass human rights when it comes to the treatment and condition of their staff. 

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