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What city in the world currently attracts you due to its creative environment?

Although not truly a "city" I love Sedona in Arizona for their spirituality. There are truly awakened minds there who guide the planet! 

I think any city in Europe attracts me because of the hub of creativity and just the creative flow that goes throughout the continent. I'd love to go there someday and visit the Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. I want to see "The Scream" painting by Edvard Munch, the way that he used the oil, tempera and pastel all on a piece of cardboard just amazes me. 


New York City of course!!!! I love the big apple! I've never been there, but there is always something different there and there is a lot of places there that need creative minds! Theater, Photographers, Architectures, Graphic Designers there is so many oppertunities to be creative there! 

My home city, New York City. There are so many people and cultures here that it's impossible not to get ideas. 

none, we are living in the dark age of music. 

London, Japan 

I love Paris. I also dig Bogota, Colombia, there's a great lady down there who owns a school I love working for. 


London, New York 

London. Paris. St. Petersburg. 

I'd love to visit (and someday live in) San Francisco. It seems like such a beautiful, creative, and free-spirited city. I think I'd fit in there pretty well. 

Currently Tokyo. Tokyo has many faces and they stimulate my creativity. 


Big bustling cities all over seem to have a vibe which fosters creativity. But there are magical small towns too. If pressed, I'd have to say New York and Berlin. And London. But I'm desperately in love with Norway at the moment. Something happens when I'm in Tromso. 

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