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What is the best advertisement you've seen recently?

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I really like the execution of an initiative for TED, where the medium was taxi drivers. The taxi drivers were invited to attend a TED conference, and then do what they do best... talk to their passengers. This execution engaged the audiences and reached more people. See it here: http://j.mp/kRAaOf 

It's an old one - keeps coming back: "It's a big ad" for Carlton Draught. New Zealand. Maybe 5 years old. And a recent animated one for Bacardi about our evolution into communicating homosapiens - lovely graphics to show a powerful message - always stops me doing what I'm doing to enjoy it. 

As a former advertising executive I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the brand but it's where the little girl says "and I can lick the spashala". Love it, so cute and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

That's easy!

The walking cats advert on TV for Cravendale milk!


I have not seen them recently 

There's a really funny Ikea one with pillow fights that makes me laugh 

The viral Piano Stairs Fun Theory by Volkswagen, All media Love Distance by Naoki Ito for japanese condoms. Don't tell Ashton by the students at Berghs School of Communication, where I am a proud teacher. 

IN Sweden we have a low price store (Rusta) with home supplies, paint, etc They have made a series of commercials that make it feel very high end! 

Today I saw a Carlsberg stunt in a cinema involving rewarding people with a beer if they sat among 148 bikers. It was cool. Most didn't do it they obviously didn't know there was beer involved. It's a small thing, there's bigger more popular stuff around. 

Still love the HONDA HATE SOMETHING Campaign. Can't get over how brilliant it is. And it's amazing how they were able to sell that to the client. Client's are usually scared of words like "HATE". 

I enjoy funny ad campaigns,but honestly prefer short, punchy ads that get straight to the pointTr 

Chyrsler: http://youtu.be/SKL254Y_jtc

Nike: http://youtu.be/45mMioJ5szc

The Phones 4 U adverts, it was creepy but really clever. 

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