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Declaration: With what person or business would you like to work?

Hmmm. You've stumped me a bit. I'm attracted to social justice visionaries, so if he were still alive I'd love to work with Sam Mockbee, founder of Rural Studio. 

I have had the chance recently to work on some projects in the film industry. While technology based it has fascinated me at how hard these artists REALLY do work at their craft.

In no particular order:
I would love to be a bad*** sidekick love interest to Nick Cage in an action Flick. Hey I hear he's in talks for Ghost Rider 2 !

I would love to work with Tim Gunn even sweeping up his trimmings. I believe he has an amazing eye for detail and a strong sense on the pulse of fashion. Same with Michael Kors.

I have two designers who work here in Atlanta that I would love to work on some interior work for.

With dynamic people who have little egos and lots of energy. I like to teach and inspire people to be bigger and greater than who they think they are.. 

I work currently with too many great people and businesses to wish for more. Businesses I currently work with include without being limited to; Google, Twitter, Apple Inc, Microsoft, HP, Mashable, Problogger, and so many more. Death is a short coming, an unkind shortfall, however I would "have" liked to work with Freud and Dali. 

Wow, that is difficult question to answer and to narrow down, but if I must the person would be Julia Margaret Cameron. Her work was ground breaking in the Victorian Era, and resonates to this day. I'd like to think perhaps in another life I was her photo assistant. 

Nike, Suze Orman, Jillian Michaels, Share Our Strength 

Declaration: I would like to work more with my father. (Audia Inc.) I think that since I'm a derivative of him, and I respect him greatly, it fascinates me to see him at work, hoping someday, I can do that myself, just as good as he. 

Someone somewhat who gives a chance to develop in no pressure. 

the kind that respects individual ideas, no matter how small. And spend time to understand each point. The kind that can be a workaholic and a fun-oholic at the same time. 



Trek Bicycles and Brian Solis. 

Any creative company willing to try something new different or fun. 

There a lot of Bands and Painters/Artists we really want to work with.But for that we need to work even harder ;-) 

Entertainment. Show business. Acting, Recording Artist, Performing Artist, Host 

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