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Who have your teachers been?

Everyone I have encountered in my life for more than 10 minutes. 

No one in particular. I can be inspired by anything and anyone. 

i am my own greatest teacher........
i think the greatest lessons in my life to this point have come from the greatest hurts and disappointments. (is that what they meant when they said "learning the hard way"??? haha) simply being alive and being oh so human is a lesson in itself.
there has been times when i have wondered if i don't set my hopes and standards a little high and therefore come a - crashing down oh so hard when things don't eventuate the way i hope....
despite this, i guess life happens to everyone, and from the disappointments and failures (oh, AND the happy, good and fun times too, let me not fail to mention) - that i have already faced and those i know are yet to come i have tried to learn lessons and use them as a way to better either myself or my quality of life...

No gurus thanks! 

A lot of people you've never heard of. The list is long. 

Authors and celebrities. Myself. 

My Mom and my first decorative painting teacher, Nancy Tribolet. 

A lot of people.
Every artist I meet is a teacher of some sort.


As I try to be creative in as many ways as possible I have taken on board many influences but I love and agree with the surrealist manifesto by André Breton. By turning off the conscious mind you let subconscious impressions surfaces. It is both interesting as an art form and also a meditation. But unlike the traditional idea of meditation which uses a mantra to turn off the inane chatter in the mind. Surrealism and related art forms produces a piece of art at the end of it. 

God, my Mom, my children, my Aunt Lee. 

I've had several: one will William Hebert, piccoloist with the Cleveland orchestra for many years. He taught me about priorities. Roseann Church taught me about painting and self expression. Nan taught me about self-medication. John taught me about deceit. Maxine Kumin taught me about poetry and mushrooms. 

I am self taught in most everything I do. Books and libraries teach me most of my arts and crafts. Nature is my biggest teacher. I have learned meditation and spiritual principles from my friends Jim (Pathfinder) and Annette (Waya) Ewing. 


None but That. 

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