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Who have your teachers been?

Experience, mostly, and trial and error. 

My teachers have been all different types of people. The most influential ones were actively involved in teaching me. My middle school art teacher had probably one of the most significant influences over me. She believed in me, pushed me to be better and gave me the confidence to excel. My college adviser and other professors also had great positive influences on me. 

I'm pretty much self-taught. I didn't take any jewelry designing courses. There have been a few times I have used Youtube videos as reference guides but each creation is unique. Though I do have two influencial people I must give credit to; Wilma Seville and Dale Cougar Armstrong. 

I've had people to inspire me but as far as teaching me, i'm self taught. 

Allah, Father and Mommy. 

My teacher? A. Einstein, Newton.. 

Madison Ave., Degas, Mother, Father, New York City, Paris, good books and movies 

Directly my teachers have been all those I have had contact and relationships with, from friendships and collaborators to work associations and actual teachers and professors.
But I believe the mentors in our lives are more difficult to find and appreciate. For me, and because their names might speak to those reading this interview, Hieronymus Bosch, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, Eric Fischl, F Scott Hess, David Salle, and Salvador Dali have all been great sources of inspiration and guidance as I navigate my visual language.

Scott Aaron Stine has been the best teacher I have ever had. 

Everyone I've ever read, apt or inept. I can learn from anything. 

Mrs. Mulvaney: My high school English teacher who introduced me to guided imagery. She opened up my strange little imagination. We closed our eyes, listened to her words,... and then we wrote in our journals. ---
Dani Elwell and the Alternative Bedtime Hour: on CFNY (now The Edge 102.1). I listened as she wove her beautiful, smokey voice in and around wonderful music that I'd never even heard of. Many of us listened and were inspired. And still are. --- Painting: Bill Alexander in his TV series. --- Photography: NYIP


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