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What cultural sources do you draw from the most?

My Scots / Irish heritage is where I draw from the most. 


I draw from Native American culture, ancient Egyptian culture, and medieval culture of various types. 

Irish/Celtic, you should realize by now I'm obsessed with Ireland. 

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I had to google that to understand the question! In my line of work it's fairly easy as my audience is so specific it's easy for me to know where I need to be creatively. I'm a bit of a sponge and love to experience and know everything, even if it's a virtual experience! I try to design for as many different people as possible and in a way that it crosses over. Craft is still not as cross-cultured as it could and should be and I often wonder what I could do to tempt new people into the fold. 

Hmm. Sometimes television, though I don't watch much. I do read a lot, in different genres. I'm also obsessed with history, especially medieval history, and so I like to read historical books, both fiction and nonfiction. 

Nothing in particular - my interests are very diverse and wide-ranging. 


Street art and pop art 


it's random. i do a lot of copying or envying. whenever i see something that moves me i feel like doing something a bit like that. that's the starting point. from there other influences move in to add flesh and dimension to what was just a seed.

i don't know, does that make any sense?

Mediterranean colors, sound, smell

Tough question. I draw on my childhood, my love of vintage and the natural world. I love art deco and egyptian styling but as yet they've not really been a big part of my work. I draw on Christian culture and experiences too. 

Music and TV programs are very influential in little ways for me. I also draw from everything my eyes see day to day, I love shop signs for example. 

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