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Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?

I keep it in a jar when I'm not using it. 

Creativity is about the mindset, and every artisan know the usefulness of his tool, taking care of because it is what produces the result. I take care of my mind by setting at rest regularly when overworked, also by refreshing it also gives upliftment, having a simple and clear mind. 

meditate. close my eyes and envision the world in a different view..it keeps the mind active and also helps forget stresses in real life. 

I try to be as healthy as I can, physically and mentally, working out, reading. 

My mind can torture me with endless to-do lists, self doubt, and most excruciating fear. As a child, I never learned how to talk about my feelings, and so I withdrew into books, movies and developed an extremely active and vibrant imagination. I told stories to myself in my head, and created scenes between people to entertain myself, and calm my nerves.

Today, I take extreme care to look after my mind by practicing mind/body relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and by eating right and exercising regularly. I make it a point to talk to a live person at least once a day, but sometimes I can't do that with a live person. So on those days, I rely more heavily on Facebook, Twitter, email or online discussion boards to make that connection with other people.

Meditation for me takes on many forms, including: writing in my journal, reading poetry, studying topics I adore, singing really loud in the car, drawing, sewing, running, walking, listening to music, or just lying quietly and focusing on the breath, and observing my thoughts as they pass on by.

Believe it or not, I thumb through Flickr a lot. I love looking at photography and finding aspects in those pictures - those moments captured and frozen in time - and I find myself inspired by something as simple as a branch in the background or the look on a child's face. 

Coffee, coffee, and coffee. 

I love games and puzzles...any game; any puzzle. I love to fix things. I love researching solutions. 

I practice yoga, tai chi, and meditate every day. I am a bit of a fanatic about keeping fit, so walk as much as possible and keep really active. I think writing keeps your mind active and just being interested in 'everything' is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated. 

Feeding it with knowledge every day. 

It is important to work on stuff that not only brings money/fame/whatever, but is fun and interesting as well. I see the world with open eyes and stop from time to time to have a closer look. 


I try to get as much rest as possible. Of course I am writing this at 3:40 in the morning but I woke up and here we are. Anyway, I take a lot of moments for myself. I meditate often before I sleep and that is when I usually get my best ideas. Free time is vital!
I also try my best to not keep negative company. I try to open my mind to others but negative people can really throw you off and mess up your creative process.

I feed it relevant, intelligent, and exciting information regularly. Music also opens my mind up and keeps me motivated. 

I ensure I nurture it well daily by processing the informations that are important though occasionally, I want indulge myself too to create a balance.
I fantasize a lot and engage in creative imaginations often.

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