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Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?

Frequent showers of Joy, meditation, laughter, intense social interaction and periodic reconnecting with nature in retreats without the use of modern facilities and silence. 

I spend a lot of time in prayer, reading lots of "how to books", joining clubs whose members are far more advanced than I am. They constantly teach me new things. 

By constantly keeping it active. Reading as much as possible and keeping up to date with latest trends. 

Word. Man, I try to think only good things, keep my mind away of all the sickness (deceit, greed) that kills our nation. 

WD40 for the mind 

I make sure it gets enough rest. Our working days are long enough that I make a schedule and do my best to follow it. I also suffer with OCD, so repetitious activities are the ones with the most challenge. My wife and my dogs remind me of what is truly important. 

I take care of mind with meditation, caffeine, nicotine, and a steady diet of rock n' roll, movies, and culture. 

I don't watch television. I believe that it kills imigination. 

I push myself hard, I have a lot of responsibilities and I don't get enough rest. I make an effort to eat sensibly and take enjoyment in the small things of life and nature. I think the most important thing is getting fresh air and exercise so I cycle about 10 miles a day (5 miles into town and back again). It's a nice ride but often the wind is hard in my face. I make sure I get a minimum of 6 hours sleep a night and don't have too many nights like that in a row before I have a really early night. I need some time to myself every day otherwise I start feeling swallowed up and frustrated. I might just go and sit or work in my garden or a park - take time to reflect. When I get things out of proportion I try to make myself think "what I would say to a friend I saw behaving in this way?". You have to be honest with yourself but also be kind and gentle with yourself. I'm a perfectionist so that's not always easy to achieve. 

Meditation and not using the "think-plugin" more, then necessary. 

I spend time walking around with my husband and dogs taking photographs. I have quite an extensive reference library. 

Interesting question. I enjoy meditation to initially clear my mind, followed by a few moments of free writing and/or free drawing. These practices help me to stay focused but not completely tense. They are especially helpful in preventing artist's block. 

I make it a point to expose myself to all sorts of different things. You never know what will inspire you and when. It's important to be diverse in this line of work. 

I have a keen interest in Buddhism, so I do take time out and sit in a very quiet room away from it all. This is the moment when my mind is at peace with nothing buzzing inside it 

taking care first of my health, work out sport exercise, sleeping early, eating well, reading, doing mathematical formulas mindfully behavior, & other stuff. 

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