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How and why did you begin to be creative?

JUMP! Inc is a youth dance company based in Providence, RI that was founded by Artistic Director Mary Paula Hunter in 1999. Hunter, who runs East Side Ballet Studio in Providence, was inspired to start a performing company with young artists after her many years of training young dancers-- not only did she think it was important to give young dancers a chance to perform professionally, but also to give them a chance to develop as choreographers and artists. Jump! dancers are involved in the development and creation of all productions, whether it be the dance drama "Scenes from the Polar Express" or the suite "Valley of the Dollz." Jump! gives its members an opportunity to grow as artists at a young age and also serves as an example to the community about the importance of arts education and encouragement. 

Growing up, I had an aunt who often gifted me with crafty and creative kits and projects. As a result, I learned at a young age to explore different mediums and art forms. At the time that included everything from hooked rugs to pressed flowers! I also learned that I enjoyed making things for other people, and where there is a need, there is a way!

As an adult, I continue to be creative and enjoy sharing my work with others on my blog: www.simpleflourishes.com. I have found that since starting my own blog my work has improved dramatically. I am more inspired to create daily, which keeps my creative juices flowin'!

Ever since I was a child, I've always been creative... either inventing things or figuring out how things work. My earliest memories are of scribbling and seeing things in my drawings. 

I have always been creative for as long as I can remember. As a young boy I was always interested in the arts, no matter what it was. I loved to draw growing up and wanted to be a cartoonist or an animator (when they still animated cartoons by hand). Creating something gave me and still gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

I personally believe that there is some sort of genetic predisposition to creativity. I didn't pick being creative, it picked me.

My desire for creative ideas and concepts originated at an early age when I first put extra forks on my bicycle because I liked the look of chopper motorcycles. The feeling that I got from doing something on my own that others were paying for :made me to know that "Creativity" was a gift from God. 

I was fed up with the same original routine of the 9-5 work schedule. 

I guess it is just part of my personality. 

I've always been a creative person. As a child my mother taught me to knit, sew, and I began to make clothes for their dolls. At school I was very fond of clay to sculpt and work with the paper. Later, the love of paper once again returned to me, I fell in love with cardmaking. Some time I was very fond of embroidering a cross. Even I am a professional seamstress. I think that all this was transmitted to me by inheritance: all of my grandmothers, aunts, my mother-they all knew how to do something with his hands.
But now my main deal-making jewelry. The main material, polymer clay and beads. Been doing this for almost 2 years and do not intend to finish, still a lot of techniques have not tried ..

I always remembering being creative. My mother always has been a very creative and talented person and she taught me to stretch my imagination to new heights for my artistic side to show in my work. That is the best advice I could ever ask for or give to anyone who thinks they might not be creative. 

Creativity is inherent to every person.In my case I started to be more creative just to satisfy my desire to see things in a way as what I wanted to see them. 

It simply has always been a creative experience, so there is no time when I began "to be creative" in a way that wasn't already happening - being creative certainly wasn't something that began as the result of some conscious decision to be so, as if harnessing something external for a particular purpose. I did however notice at different stages that being creative was not something universal in all people. I have always encouraged and defended creativity. 

LOL, I think I never begun. Is it possible to begun? I think we all are creative in so many various ways: my way is possibly one of the most typical way - I'm artistic, but I think being a mother, for example, needs a super amount of creativity, mathematic is creative in its nature, working in a field of sales really needs creativity. I'm just trying to say that being creative isn't that simple or formal.

But I also think that creativity is very easy to loose and start to see life as a routine. I avoid that. And I think basically I am creative because I've always had a permission to be and I've always wanted to develop my creative "skills". Being creative is a vital condition to me. I'd prefer to say I was born to be creative, and nobody prevented me from that.

I believe I began to be creative at a very young age. I became creative to express my individuality and have an outlet to deal with life's stressors... www.eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com 

I grew up seeing patterns in and 'things within things' - animals in the negative spaces of shadows, etc. I fished out every possible item from the waste basket to create new things and spent endless hours in the family garage building all sorts of things. Creativity is not something that I sought out - it found me. 

I have always been creative. Creative people seem to have a knack for linking two seemingly unconnected items. They also tend to look at a problem many different ways. Finally, they can be very holistic in their thinking. I was lucky enough to be born with all three skills. I also was born on the stage. That made presentation skills training for trainer,s teachers, and speakers an easy connection to make. 

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