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How and why did you begin to be creative?

From my very first beginning, I have always been curious. 

i am always interested to see new stuff. And i started helping people design posters and other publicity materials 

I began thinking creatively at a young age. I feel that it is a part of me, that was bound to develop to some extent along the way. I also believe that my mother recognized this tendency in me when I was just a toddler and encouraged it by providing me with salvaged paper towel rolls and plastic fruit baskets saved from produce bought at the supermarket. When I wanted something for my dolls, I often made it from whatever was in my scrapbox. She also instilled in me the idea that if I was bored, I could imagine a whole world to keep me busy and that I could make something out of almost nothing. My father also influenced me with his work with tools, and his ability to 'Macguyver' anything. My parents provided many utensils of creativity for me, from art supplies, and diaries, to sewing machines and musical instruments. Even jack knives for whittling and turkey bones for winnowing a walking stick from a tree branch. They indulged my many and varied interests, and taught me to look at both sides of a story. To look at things from another point of view. And I know that my creativity was handed down to me through my genes from the generations before me. I think everyone is given this gift, but if it is never discovered or used it is often overlooked. 

You don't "begin" to be creative. You begin to express creativity. Some have it stifled in them early on and only discover it later. So perhaps that is what you mean.

In my recollection, I had begun to express my creativity in my toddler years with piano and art. I never wanted to learn to read music, I just wanted to play with the feelings I had inside me. And I disliked coloring books. The picture outlines were usually of dolls and baby animals that didn't look real. I liked watercolor and I painted abstractly. Color was my main expression. I used it to reflect the mood of what I wanted to express. I "painted" a tv show called "The Man and the Challenge" and it was dark but yet not depressing. And then the tv show "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" was bright and cheerful - but neither had any distinct objects or figures. But somehow everyone was impressed. I was 3. Funny, but I hadn't thought of that until I started writing this...

Eminem+MENiME but he says minime which i don't get i just feel as though dejavu or vuajed its more like a formula like e=mcsquared #SEE #ghostwriter #freeweezy 

My mother recognized an innate talent of creativity when I would build buildings or make designs with blocks and Legos at the age of 4. I was given the toys and I chose to make neat things, like most kids want to do. Then I was given erector sets and told to build them only by looking at the picture. It was a lot of fun. 

I first began to be creative at the age of seven. My father was a talented stain glass painter, and drawing pictures became a hobby of mine. I soon became a good sketch artist because of my depth in detail. But it was not until I won a art contest sponsored by McDonald's having my work titled "Beyond this wall spring arises" hung in McDonald's restaurants around the country that I truly believed that I was in fact talented. 

My first conscious memory of being creative was in kindergarten - a long time ago. I wrote a story called "The Eagle That Had Acrophobia." My teacher called me up to the desk and made my prove I knew what acrophobia was.

I started writing poetry when I was seven or eight. I have all of my notebooks from then until now. I still write poetry

I do believe that it was inherent in my creation. I remember and being told that as a child, before I was able to read, I would put together my toys by myself and then play with the boxes it came in. Being creative feels good. Even though I do not dedicate my time physically to it, I do like to sit and philosophize...being mentally creative. 

music, vids, bgs. i always have to do something. 

living in St.Croix my cousin got me really big into comics, anime, and drawing. I would say i was like 5 or 6 then. Haven't stopped since 

I was born that way! It' s a NEED that I have to fulfill, like eating & drinking. I'm passionate about MAKING STUFF. 

I could not remember any brief time-line after which i went creative. According to me: "not being creative=a brain which is nothing more than a computer." I'm creative . . . moreover creativity involves on the field manipulation of things and that it needs no data to be remembered . . . so its almost easy to be creative . . . Actually I was as I used to be by nature; later I learnt that my attitude is called Creativity. . . and thats it. . . 

I (Night-Mare/Guitar) began makin┤Music when i was 5 years old.The rest should be clear. 

Growing up there was plenty to do, but I really loved poetry! It lead me to be even more adventurous by nature (I'm a Gemini) so I would take fans, toaster, etc., out of the trash and fix them. From that I would write about what I had done and it developed into a very active writing sense. You know like old to new, from broke to fixed, it is all reusable just throw it in the mix. 

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