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How and why did you begin to be creative?

When I was 10 years old my household chore was mowing the lawn so I decided that I would cut a different designs into the lawn each week, just like I saw professionals do on the Major League Baseball fields of America. 

I was born. 

I'm naturally curious. Being creative, for me, is about trying to find answers to questions in which you haven't previously found a good answer for. 

I think I started getting creative when my mind got stuck In the philosophy of trying to explain everything, the real reasons for people's actions, all of this because of my dream of an ideal world where there are no nations or countries, nothing but people sharing the whole world and I needed to explain why everyone has to be money vassals, I have to make my dream come true, or maybe just realize that its not possible to have this ideal world of mine. 

Creativity is one thing that was born to me as my brain. and because creativity is a way of imposing and show your personality. 

Until today I have some creative issues. But these last months I've been trying to do more work relationed to me than the character (even in form of fan art) I was creative since child, but only this last year I could put this creativity into real practice. 

My first experience with creativity was with wordplay. I've always been good with words and vocabulary, and I often make a play on words as creative play. I have done that since I was a child. Today I find that a useful tool in writing and in humor.

My favorite class in junior high school was my 8th grade English class. Our teacher used to post pictures on the wall, when she would challenge us to write a story about the picture. I once wrote about a woman with her arms wrapped around herself, standing in a simply lighted set of colored sheer drapes. It reminded me of being suspended in Jell-o, so I titled it, "There's always room for Jell-o" and told of her dream of being trapped in a bowl of gelatin, then waking up and eating the dessert she was too full to eat after dinner. Everyone loved it.

Today, creativity often comes in finding unique ways to position a product or piece of information in a way the reader hasn't thought of it before. Or it arises as a fun way to lead into an article to bring new insights to the reader. As an editor, it comes in looking for ways to add value or see how a reader might interpret a piece of copy someone else has written or a graphic someone has designed.

Started writing as a young teen, and that's how I described myself... a writer. 

I became bored with the systematic way of living taught in grade school. Even the creative courses, such as art or creative writing limited you to form and function. Art is intuition, wether musical, literal or abstract 

I was always creative. I began taking it seriously when I was fourteen years old. I wrote for a literary magazine, and read lots of books. 

by being curious 

Far too many years ago!! We've both been working as actors, devisers, directors and lecturers for twenty years now - but in 2007 we finally decided to create a company which would allow us to explore all the ideas we've been too busy to pursue. So the past five years have been about being brave and taking risks with our creativity! 

As a kid; I had a pencil. 

I have always been very creative. My mom was an English teacher and an artist, so she took my sister and I to art classes when we were very young. It was a great way to help us to see the world in a creative way. 

It was the only thing that made me feel connected to something bigger than myself.

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