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What did you first read? How did you begin to write? Who were the first to read what you wrote?

I was not an active reader at first I always found it to be tedious, but if not for Dr. Seuss and those disgusting green eggs and ham, who knew.

I wrote my first story at the age of 10 while still in primary to my surprise I won best story of the year. They asked me to read my story in front of the whole school, writing fine, read aloud in front of the school ooh you could only guess what I said?

And now I find myself with the book that I wrote ready to go through editing with writers Literary, well at least that's a start for me.

I think my first book was a children's book about something. The details seem to escape me. All I remember is looking at the words and knowing what they meant, and that I had taught myself how to do that.

I began writing at an early age, and I firmly remember when I was a boy that I wanted to be A Famous Writer, whatever that seemed to entail.

My teachers were obviously the first to read what I had written, and I constantly gained praise for my abilities. It was nice at first, but now I'm struggling to learn how to self edit, and sometimes get bogged down in perfectionism.

I started reading 'fluently', if you will, at age 3-- I've loved books for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I used to like to tell people the wildest stories that made no sense whatsoever-- the kind that three year olds tell. I started dreaming up a possible plotline for a novel when I was about five-- of course, looking back on it ow, it was pretty immature. When I finally sat down and tried to write it, my first chapter wound up consisting of roughly three lines. So yes, that was my sticky beginning with fiction writing.

Later on, however, I came up with a complex and "better" plotline, that I felt like I could stick with. My parents and grandparents gave me endless encouragement when I first started-- my parents even got me a mentor, namely a lady who worked at Holt. She was pretty helpful at first, but then when I called her to set up our third or fourth meeting, she didn't respond to my emails or answer my calls. I'm still worried that she ran off with my work.

As I got older, I posted some short stories and poetry on my personal blog, and on sites like Goodreads. I found, to my utter disbelief that some people actually liked my work. Gradually, I started getting emails like these; some to join professional writing networks, and some just compliments on my writing. At some point, I believe Tamora Pierce complimented my writing, and sent me a friend request on Goodreads!

The first books I remember reading are children's books: Goodnight Moon, The Missing Piece, Where the Wild Things Are, The Giving Tree, all the Sandra Boynton books, and the like. The first books I remember as having a definite impact on my writing are the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar. The way he pieced seemingly random elements together was fascinating to me, even then. I started writing for a school assignment, and found that I loved creating stories almost as much as I loved reading them. I started writing for my own pleasure shortly thereafter, but the first people to read anything I wrote were school teachers. 

I began to read around the age of three and was trying to write then. Mostly I scribbled and brought the results to my parents, who would pick out a wholly accidental "e" or "o". The first things I actually composed and wrote were poems done in the second or third grade. My teacher was the first to read what I'd done. 

It must have been something like Noddy and big ears when I was a kid. That's Enid Blyton to the best of my memory. Since have read many books from many different authors and genre. My favourites are what I call 'faction' or fiction based on truths. Never thought much about writing but just lately have been writing some short stories on the Internet based on my life and what I have experienced as a profoundly deaf person since 18 years of age. Nearly all of these are 'true' stories. 

I went from Dick and Jane to Nancy Drew to Dostoyevsky in school. I started as a kid, writing poetry and song lyrics and getting feedback from my teachers and parents. As an adult and a parent, I began writing humorous Christmas newsletters and soon my mailing list started to include people I didn't even know. That's when I realized I was onto something and submitted some humor columns to newspapers. I got a gig writing a weekly column and two books resulted. 

I first read the Mr. and Mrs. series. Mrs. Naughty and Mr. Mad and the like. I loved those books dearly, never wanted to stop reading them and move on to harder things.

I first began to write a couple of years ago, when I was in the middle of a traumatic situation and had so much stress to get out. I always did have a wild imagination, and deep feelings, so both of those things helped me to get it all onto paper.

My first critic has been my good friend Joey.

I first became an avid reader in high school. Probably the only thing I really miss about high school was the amount of free time I had to just sit and read. The first novel I remember reading was the Harry Potter series, followed by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I admired the universe Tolkien was able to create within the pages of multiple books.
After Tolkien came Dostoevsky, Palahniuk, Rice, Vonnegut, and Huxley.
For me, writing, as well as any other creative hobby I choose to pursue, is merely that - a hobby. I have no intentions of making a living with my writings or art. Instead, my stories provide a means to work through any problems or dilemmas I may be facing.
When it comes to reading my stories, the first person to ever do so would probably be an internet acquaintance I made about four years ago. I have my own personal blog where I have started to post my stories, although I have used a few social networking sites, such as WritersCafe and DeviantArt.

The first book I remember being read to me is The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler. My mom used to read it to me before bed. I'm not sure how exactly I began writing. I remember writing a story in like seventh grade that I also did illustrations for and still have to this day. I experimented with poetry and short stories for awhile, but didn't start doing it on a regular basis until I started posting on this forum called I See Dead, which is now a dead forum, about three years ago. Friends are usually the first to read my stories. Articles I write are pretty much open to the public. 

Honestly I can't recall what my first book is. I do remember I like fairy tales the most (as young girl are), most are Brothers Grim's that were already twisted for children (no scary ending). Then I got to know comic books, or manga to be exact.
At first I don't want to be a writer, thinking that I want to draw my stories instead. When I showed my script to a editor (whom are now one of my best supporter), he encouraged me to do writing instead. One thing led to another, I went into language class. In my country, they divide up the last year student into science, social, and language class. Somehow the beauty of words and sentences fascinate me and I begin to love write more.
Usually my first reader are my friends who loves writing too, but now it is almost anyone I could caught nearby (since I pursue design in my college).

I read a lot of books in my life, my best Author is Steven King. I started writing ten years ago, it was something I away's wanted to do. I let my wife and kids read and what I wrote and they were my best critics - I am working on my second book right now and it will be called ~You Leave me know Option~ 

I have no idea what was my first book, but always loved detective/adventure stories. I began to write in my diaries and now I write in my blog. Family & friends! 

The first book(s) I remember reading were the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis around age seven. Lewis is still a prominent, favorite author of mine.

I wrote my first poem at age eight, on the subject of rabbits. The first to read me were, unsurprisingly, my parents.

readers back when I was four, and then I moved on to things like the Bobbsey Twins and Laura Ingalls Wilder. My tastes really started diversifying when I got to be around nine years old, I read Lord of The Rings by the time I was eleven. I began writing as early as I could print, and would write journals when I was around eight years old, short stories and beginning novels when I was nine or ten. I usually wouldn't let anyone read it, but I started letting others read my work around grade eight, usually just my teachers. After that, my friends in high school. 

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