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Do you like to have a second unit or do you prefer to control every still of a production?

i prefer to control every still of a production 

Depending upon the scope of the production, second unit production is usually mandatory to maintain a tight production schedule. I do not need to see every still if I can trust that my instructions will be carried out completely.

Often conditions at the location will provide an opportunity for an alternative approach to capture the most appropriate program elements, something professionals can do repeatedly, and with talented folks performing these second unit tasks, my main focus can be on the ensemble cast and crew and ensuring that the production goals are achieved within the time provided.

I've not worked on a project big enough to need a second unit, but I tend to want to do everything and take control. 

I have always worked with a second unit, and founded that besides my directions they turned in a better material I thought poseble when I firstly spoked to them what I wanted. 

Every shot in the movie is going to have the same size on the screen. If I don't have to be supervising a scene I don't know what elese I should have to do as a director.
So I'm against a second unit. I'll always try to shoot as much as I can withaut another unit. To achieve this it's very important to stay on budget and on schedule. Because missing time to shot every scene by myself would be for me the only reason to get a second unit on the set.
I basically think everything is equaliy important and every shot should get the same care as the final showdown.

Being a perfectionist, I would want my vision to be total, but if a second unit is necessary, so be it. 

I'm not at that stage in my career yet to have a second unit. But, I'm looking forward to it. 

I like to work with others for good creative energy. 

Can't afford it. 

I can't be everywhere at once so a trusted right hand person is needed 

I try to control every still of a production, even when there's a second unit. 

control on production 

I need to be there at all times. 

Depends on who is doing second unit. But with the right crew, I'd like doing that too. 


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