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What do you think of public subsidies for cinema?

The state needs to be involved in supporting independent cinema. 

It is remarkably difficult to make movies that people in other countries wish to see, and it is not obvious that film subsidies are helping matters. 

I think they can be excellent. 

In Bolivia we have no funds for cinema.

definitely needed 

Doesn't happen from where I'm from. I've no opinion about it. 

It needs to be done. Without it, films wouldn't get made. Well, good films wouldn't get made. The King's Speech, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, most BBC Films and all their TV shows are subsidised by the taxpayer and we produce some of the best content available. 

I think public subsidies are a good thing, as cinema employs a large number of people and promotes culture. Many countries in Europe are subsidized by public funds, and it has kept their film industry alive. 

Evolve or die! 

They're great; they're necessary. That said, they should be responsibly employed, taking into account budgetary outlay and expected returns and being realistic about both. Public money should always be spent with diligence and respect. It's not a magic faucet. 

I am not sure. 

cinema is valuable. it should be invested in. British film is an amazing thing. 

its a huge responsibility.
ideally, you should pay for your own budgets yourself.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "public" subsidies. If you mean things like tax break and government subsidies, they are fantastic and necessary. Whatever money a state gives to a production to shoot there, they will get back AT LEAST twofold; most likely more. 

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