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What magazines or websites of the sector do you follow regularly?

Movie Mag, IMDB 

None really. But I should. 

Film comment 

Tons. Primarily Creative Cow and Video Copilot. 


IMDb and Variety. 

so many, it was. Now I mostly following many film and websites such as wildsound filmmaking and many film festival sites etc. 

Variety, Entertainment Weekly, American Cinematographer, IMDB, Yahoo Movies. 


None, actually. I love fashion and culture and lifestyle magazines, and even architecture ones, but not film. The French magazine 'Studio', however, does really good portraits of actors or directors once in a while. 


Those are the main three, but there are countless other is my search around for movie news.

IMDB, American Cinematographer, Facebook, Myspace,youtube 

Cineaste, film coment,cahers du cinema, positive,vertigo,trafic,premiere
all the magazins in english and french about cinema
in persein; Cinema 4 Cinemay e azad

Funny, as much as I love magazines I don't read any about film. Just video game magazines. 

Various newspapers with critics I respect, www.imdb.com, www.boxofficemojo.com, many others. 

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