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Do you work for a client, for the audience, or for your own creative adventure?

I always work for an audience, usually for a client as well. Infusing creativity is part of the adventure. 

Well as I said I just take the news and I'm on twitter then it would be for my followers there. 

I would say all of the above. Some projects are simply "money" projects. You need to continue working so you compromise your creative integrity in some way to pay the bills. I have done that very little in my career which I am happy to say but I have definitely done it and it never felt very good. For the most part I would like to believe that I have the "collective" in mind. 

I work entirely for my own creative adventure. Hence I am penniless. 

I work for my own creative adventure and audience like it. 

This is a trick question, because really, if I'm not working for all those three things simultaneously, then I'm not doing my job well. 

All of them pretty much, but I have a large client base that I do work for 

For me filmmaking is about a journey, not only in the creation of the project, but having the audience go on the journey as well. Creating an emotional response when someone watches your film, and seeing them connect with the piece is second to none. So for me it's a combination of filmmaker connecting with audience. 

First I work for myself, letting my creativity flow but I always keep the audience in mind. 

Our audience is our client, but we are our harshest critic. 

In advertising I think that it is always a fine line of delivering a concept that fits the brief for the client and clearly fills the need the client had when approaching the idea of having a commercial made (more sales, improved brand awareness or a new feeling about their brand) whilst also making something that you are happy with as a commercial director.

I think directing commercials is far more creative than a lot of people think but its not your own endeavor you are making something for someone else and as such there are certain challenges and rules you must observe.

all of the above 

I work for all three but in very different scenarios. But ultimately, I maintain my artistic integrity and identity. 

My own creative adventure, definitely. Though I do cater to a certain audience 


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