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Do you work for a client, for the audience, or for your own creative adventure?

All of the above. 

I work for the audience first but at the same time i will try to educate them from my film. 

I work for a client, for an audience and for my own creative adventure. Body of work should not be segmented but universal. 

My own creative adventure! 

I suppose that depends on the project. But I started for my own creative adventure and while this is still true, now, a large portion of how my films are shaped is influenced by the target audience. 

All 3. 

I don't think you can work solely for yourself or solely for a client or an audience and maintain any level of success. Films made for an audience feel hollow, and while personal works have a lot of soul, they also tend to be inaccessible. "Girl of My Dreams" is a prime example. We're clearly catering to fans of '80s horror films, but since I fall into that "fan" category myself, I get to play a little with the movie, and the fun will come through in the final product. 

Great question!

I tend to think of my own "creative adventure" first, what kind of movie I want to make, and then adapt those thoughts to appeal to my audience -- because really all I have ever wanted to do is entertain.

All three. Keeping the audience engaged and happy makes the adventure creative and always keeps the client happy. 

for my own creative adventure and the audience 

Primarily I work for my own creative adventure, but I keep the audience in mind. I want an audience to enjoy my creative work so I can get more exposure and work for a client (idealistically a studio). 

For client and creative adventure, also for education (workshop) 

First I work for my own creative adventure, then for the client, and lastly I hope that the audience has some sort of reaction to my work. 

for clients and audiences 

ya my work is for client and for audience too 

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