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Do you work for a client, for the audience, or for your own creative adventure?

For a client. I have bills to pay. 

All three. But my own enjoyment is probably the prime reason. 

own creative venture 

All three really.

I work as a freelancer and need to abide to what a client wants. That's not to say that the client has bad ideas as the majority of them understand the creative process and give you something to chew on along with them.

I believe you need to work towards an audience. It's the only way to survive in this industry. If you disregard your audience, then you are dead. You're making films for yourself which is not the basis of cinema. It's an audience venture. But to say that you don't get pleasure when you screen something and people laugh or cry, coming up to you afterwords when you're having a smoke and say something like "I loved you film", your obviously lying.

It's a sole creative adventure, yes, but one that everyone else can take with you.

i works for an animation studio 

All of the above. 

All of them 

I definitely work for my own creative adventure, but I'm always keeping the audience in mind. I think anyone that says they don't keep the audience in mind, when they make films, is lying. 

All of the above. I've worked with many clients, and developed my own creative IPs. Although, I like to think I work for my medium. 

I work for anyone and everyone (including myself). You wouldn't have most projects if it wasn't for the client but I would feel bad if I was giving the audience something I wasn't happy with. I work for my own purposes as well to establish myself in the industry and so that someday my friends can tell their kids that their friend was someone who made the cartoons that they enjoy. 

At Sweet Lime Productions we definitely work to produce things that fit in with our artistic vision. 

It depends on the project, mostly I work for the client because I am an independent contractor but I'd really like to start doing my own creative works somewhere down the road. 

I'm currently a member of Sony Computer Entertainment. I'm currently looking for freelance work. I try to keep up with personal work, so please check it out www.joshvisual.blogspot.com 

My own creative adventure 

It's a combination of all three, really. I have two review segments, cinema releases and DVD releases, both sponsored, cinema reviews by the chain that owns the local theatres, and the DVD reviews by the chain that owns the local video store. I have to plug their stuff and keep them happy. But at the same time, I serve my own interests and those of my audience by giving honest reviews of the movies. If I don't like the movie, I'll say it. But I'll provide other options. Recently, for about 3 weeks in a row, I didn't rate a single movie over a star and a half on a 5 star scale (per the contract, I see 2 in theatres per week). But rather than say "Stay home, don't go to the theatres," I would offer up "If you haven't seen these other two films, which are really good, definitely go see them instead of these two new ones." Similar situation with the DVDs. I try to appease everyone, while sticking to some sort of integrity to myself. 

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