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Which have been the most symbolic works of your career?

I have created a dance program for myself, and it was won the national dance competition!!! I think this is a great meaningful thing in my career. 

At this point, I'd say 'Catching the Light', a piece I did as an hommage to the desert, its light and its resonance. It was mostly inspired by the 1920s surrealist movement in film, with a lot of superimposed images, poetry in movement and all. It's a bit of an intense piece, I did a few iterations of it as installation work, as well as a photography series, and I'm in the process of developing a new comprehensive piece on all that - putting the emphasis on explaining that spirit and sense of sacredness one gets when living in the american deserts .. My life in New Mexico for the past 5 years is what prompted me to do this ... I just had to start waxing poetics on all that I was experiencing there.

The second one is a music video I did with indigenous hiphop collective Culture Shock Camp, it's on my YouTube page and I still get comments on it weekly. Shock B, who is featured in the video, is a briliant artist and came to me with a great concept - running through the land to rally the youth of all tribes and walks of life, to wake up and preserve their culture. We drove all over New Mexico and shot him running with the roach (traditional regalia) on his head and a gas mask (what a better symbol of 21st century culture) across the White Sands desert, the petroglyphs sites, the Bad Lands (El Malpais), all along with great beats and the perfect symbiosis of tradition and culture, with contemporary imagery and DJ scratches. I love doing that. That fusion - that,s what I'm all about.

I don't really have any professional work published yet but my most personal symbolic work is every thing i do, i try to apply my personality to my work. I want people to be able to relate to my work. 

Winning an award from the AFI/SONY for a no budget short film I directed called, THE VISIT. 

Probably the documentary and short films I made in Malawi with UNICEF for the BBC, working with children who had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. 

love.passion . meaning of life is Art for me 

Working as a puppet builder for Radical Sheep in Toronto. 

Not really applicable, since films can be symbolic but criticism is not. 

basically reginal parallel films in begali language directed by buddhadev dasgupta ,gautam ghosh,lots off ot but recently finished THE WAITING CITY the first austrailian film,filmed in calcutta 

In my 'short' career? I wouldn't even say that I have even started my career but I can choose some pieces from the films I have made thus far, I suppose.

I always felt that everything I made, at the time, had some significance personally to how I was feeling and what I wanted to explore. I'd go as far back as major technical exercises I made at High School, like a 63 minute film-noir "Royal Flush" in 2003 when I was 17. That meant something to me and highlighted a lot of what I would explore in my later work. Relationships, love, selfish desires and the idiocy of our actions. I will always relate to my earlier films in reflection as they are the ones that got me where I am.

When I got to college, I had made several films. "ToDay" was an experimental film about a man's unhealthy gay relationship with another man who doesn't exist. He just continually writes to savor the erotic moment in his own mind. That was symbolic and really meant something to me at the time as it justified my position in the group of people I was working with who didn't know how to take me (I was always very quiet) but after that they accepted me.

From there, I made "GooDy" about a man's relationship with his wife he suspects of having an affair and plots to murder her in the act. All he is left with after his onslaught is 'goody', her teddy bear. I suppose the films I make reflect my own inability with relationships and the melodramatic turns we take when everything, itself, is very simple.

"The Kiss", "Already Seen", "The Visit", "The Hole" and finally with a second feature "7 Inches" that remains my most personal piece of expression to date (due to the fact that I love it so much). At 63 minutes, I had written, directed and shot a film that had been sitting in my head for over two years. The story about an alcoholic trying to deal with his past relationship through drink, the story about an estranged homeless man trying to contact his daughter and how they meet in the middle. It covered everything from my own misgivings about relationships, to my personal demons I was facing and why things in the modern world scare me to death, like being stuck someplace you don't want to be. As long ago as it as made, about 2006, I still continue to refer back to it.

My later work seems to focus on technicalities as the standard to produce nice looking pieces of film but I would never mind going back to shoot something like 7 Inches again.

well i cant display most of my works. but i do have one piece of animation in mass animation film project "live music" 

My graduate film Foxy Hotmamma is the product of my four years spent in college, and it represents my love for animation and various film genres. 

Waking Life, Little Einsteins, DJ and the Fro 

Directing a program of movies Trayler 7", and editing a kitchen program " En su Punto" 

Presently, Cartoon Saloon's original BBC production Skunk Fu. Although there are projects I'm currently developing which I believe will take the proverbial cake. 

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