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What is your specialty? Production, direction, something else?

My experience is in Writing, Producing and Directing over 100 film projects. 

I really enjoy getting my feet wet in all areas of film. In the long run i want to be an director. But i really enjoy editing, cinematography and just recently i started teaching my self VFX with adobe after effects. I just want to know all i can! 


Direction. Cameraperson. 

Writing, Directing and Cinematography 

Directing, Action and Efx 

I am a cinematographer. 

I'm trying to be valuable in all aspects of production, but I specialize more in post, like editing, compositing and graphics. I love to shoot and direct, too. 

I am a Director, Writer, Producer, Production Manager and Location Scout and Manager.
In my career I have been involved in all aspects of production.

I'm a production designer. My passion is taking the characters on the pages and helping them come to life. I thrive on set. My zen space is that moment when there is a last-minute change and I have to come up with a solution just as quickly 

VFX design, Stop motion production. 

I am an independent video producer. Primarily, I work with clients to help them find solutions. My clients are usually corporate or institional, small businesses, non-profit agencies, and individuals. Many of my clients are health care related, such as hospitals and universities, so I have developed special skills for working in health care.

I can do everything but there are parts that I do better- such as shooting and editing- so I often contract out the script development. I don't often work with professional talent, but when the opportunity arises I have good contacts for actors, support crew, makeup and styling. If the production warrents it I will hire sound and lighting grips.

I enjoy developing a long-term relationship with my clients and take pride in delivering a program that will meet their needs.

Currently I am a producer, although when folks endow me with enough trust with their own equipment, I like taking on the role of director. 

editing and post production 

I am a producer/director. I write scripts, shoot, edit and create motion graphics for broadcast tv. 

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