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What is your specialty? Production, direction, something else?



Iam a film director... 

Collaborative screenwriting. Assistant direction. Microcinema production. Editing visual narrative. 

I am Director, Producer and Screen Writer of independent films.
Small, art oriented features, developed with limited resources but
utilizing well intended people filled with love and passion for
the process of creation.


My specialty is Directing and Editing. Those are the two aspects of filmmaking which I enjoy the most. The calculated chaos of directing and the ability to shape and reshape a project in the editing suite are the things that drive me. 

I direct, write, edit and do the VFX for my own films. But my heart is in cinematography.

Lucas: Something else in the production.

Film Production and Distribution. 

First and foremost, I'm a director, which, in my opinion, means you have to be a little of everything else. I consider the director to be synonymous with "producer", as well (doesn't every director produce?). I've written screenplays (the short "Present"), directed works I've written ("Chairoscuro, Baby"), and edited every film I've shot myself (features "Chiaroscuro, Baby" and "Gore-e-ography: The Making of Death Harmony"; and shorts "Disposable" and "Saving the Flaming Fish"). On my current project, horror feature "Girl of My Dreams", I'm producing, directing and editing. 

Direction, writing. 


I write/produce/direct and edit unique works. My 35mm film, 11:11, is an award winning short. I'm technically very savvy so interface well with all phases of pre-production, production and post production. Besides making interesting, award-winning films, I work for a major Hollywood studio in the ancillary division, editing feature films for after-market. I make films longer, shorter, and cut them for content. I have worked on many A list films. I work from dailies and keep the movie commercial and so keep directors happy. However, although I love editing (I also cut great trailers and promos and docs), I prefer to direct as I have the auteur gene... not the temperment, just the vision and the quirky world view. 

Directing... but to be able to produce for someone else is a great feeling. 

My specialty is writing, directing, editing, acting, and basically any above the line jobs. 

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