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Which animal do you prefer for company?

Cats. They do their own thing, are warm on your lap and the sound of contented purring is soothing. I am of course referring to cats that are trained to go potty outdoors. Kitty litter boxes are not my cup of tea or pee. 


my dog! ( shes a min pin) 

Cat or a hamster. 

Cats. Big or small, I prefer cats. 

An Afghan hound. 

my dog :) 

Definitely a cat...I love cats!!! 

My husband's and my dog, Cayenne. 

Cat :X 

i really love animals. i had had a dog and a guinea pug. i loved them so probably those two. 

My dogs :) 

Cats and little dogs. I like pity animals. They are crazy and entertaining. 

a dog or a cat, nothing else 


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