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Which animal do you prefer for company?

Well, I've always been into mystical creatures like dragons, as my Chinese zodiac is "Dragon" that would make perfect sense. When it comes to reality based animals, I could say that a wolf resembles me as a person the most even though my surname in translation means "Falcon". This very idea of a wolf resembling me would perfectly fit into the fact that I'd like to have a wolf-dog breed as a pet, no doubt a bit dangerous for its wild habits of nature. A Siberian Husky might do as well, which is my favorite dog sort because of their looks. I do have a cat though, and she's the princess of the family. 

Cats. They do their own thing, are warm on your lap and the sound of contented purring is soothing. I am of course referring to cats that are trained to go potty outdoors. Kitty litter boxes are not my cup of tea or pee. 


my dog! ( shes a min pin) 

Cat or a hamster. 

Cats. Big or small, I prefer cats. 

An Afghan hound. 

my dog :) 

Definitely a cat...I love cats!!! 

My husband's and my dog, Cayenne. 

Cat :X 

i really love animals. i had had a dog and a guinea pug. i loved them so probably those two. 

My dogs :) 

Cats and little dogs. I like pity animals. They are crazy and entertaining. 

a dog or a cat, nothing else 

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