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If you have to hire an assistant, what qualifications and qualities do you look for when making your choice?

Someone smarter than I am. 

Someone who sees the enormous potential a team has over an individual and is eager to contribute to the team effort. 

I must get along well with an assistant since it is so many hours. Of course knowledge and experience is a given, but I also like to see that drive to learn and improve. 

Dedication to getting the job done.
A love of learning new things and self improvement.
Personable and the ability to convey that you're going to work hard for me and the client.

Good work ethic. A nice balance of creativity and business acumen. A love for what they do. 

Trustworthy, Good Character, Common Sense. 

Must be familiar with the industry; dedicated to customer service; dependable and loyal. 

They have to be great on the phone! I have been told that I sound mean, so I like to compensate for that with a person that can really make someone feel comfortable when talking with them. They also have to be a great note taker and have a good memory. I have a great memory so I hate it when I remember things that my assistant can't - no excuse! 

My personal best choices are based on the person wanting to learn, not so much what the know. I find that this person will work better in a team situation. If I need an expert in a particular field, then its based on their background, experience, then their personality. Everything we do is team based. 

outstanding customer service. 

An assistant is probably the closest person to me in my work. I look for someone who shows urgency in their work and pays attention to detail. If I am so busy that I need an assistant, it means I probably would want that person to do the "triple" checking for me on some things, since I already check myself twice. Trust is also a must. 

Teachability, and creativity. If the raw material is there, I can help them to develop it. 

I definitely need someone with great social and interpersonal skills, who has the ability to do some community outreach. Right now I'm not terribly good at that--I used to try and market myself but realized I'm a lot better just handling the technical side of things. 

Assistant!! Well would want him to be creative, thoughtful and purposeful. 

definitely, right brain trained. 

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