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How did your interest in multimedia technology begin?

My interest began when I realized my 8mm video camera tapes were becoming extinct. The technology was fading fast and I needed some way to migrate them and was scared I'd never be able to watch my kids when they were young. So it really started out of necessity and fear of loss.

This is why I think I'm so passionate when it comes to my client's films. I realize these are left to only memories should anything happen to the older formats and I feel a call to help people preserve their memories.

I always loved art since high school and in college I was a fine arts major....then business for years and full circle back to the arts. 

Way back in Jr College I took Television Production and garnered an AA degree from MOORPARK COLLEGE. I interned at a few places along the way which just kept me wanting me to go further. 

I originally went to college to become a journalist, news reporter in the style of Mike Royko. When I went to SIU, I decided to take a few television classes and the rest is history. 

I love telling stories by using visuals. 

I became interesting in video and film in college. My senior project was a promotional video for the university and I caught the bug. My friend's father introduced me to the world of video and film production in the DC area and that where it all started. 

Fell in love with radio broadcasting way back in the late 1960s. I got my start at KEZY 1190AM Radio in Anaheim, CA. by walking in to the station and begging the music director for a job. He agreed and started my off in request lines. 

After being a video editor for a while, I knew that I had a lot of other talents and felt I wasn't living up to my full potential as a musician, recording engineer, animator, VFX artist as well as other avenues I was dabbling in. I realized that I should combine all of these things into a multimedia productions company, Factor 3 Productions. 

I went to film school at UCLA, along with majoring in marketing. The one good thing about working in mulitmedia is that it changes constantly. Some people look at it as a pain, but I personally believe that it makes this job exciting. Getting up in the morning and being able to learn about something new, and being able to use that knowledge is very stimulating 

When I was a kid. 

I did a few acting jobs as a teenager, and eventually had the opportunity to work behind the camera (which I enjoyed more!) 

When I was 14, I started shooting videos with my friends for a class. I wanted to be part of the editing process, and so my dad took me to a premier editing suite in Milwaukee called Editran. For the first few sessions, the editor did a lot of the work--after watching him, I started doing it all! I caught on really quickly, not only because I knew how my movie needed to look, but because I just realized how cool it was. 


Well i will not say interest, IT IS A PASSION. Multimedia has been a drive factor for me since i was a kid. 

Mid 90's when I first saw CG on the show "Reboot" 

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