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What is your specialty in multimedia?

Video editing and production. 


Audio Video and Multimedia Project Manager 

Lighting, Texturing and Rendering 

3D Visualizer and Designer 

-3D enviroment Modeling

-3D texturing in Photoshop

-3D lighting for film

-Composting for film

Creating views n walkthrough in interior n extriors in max. 

3d computer graphics 

3D Visual Effects. I model, texture, rig and animate in Maya. 

Architectural 3Ds Max Visualization & BIM 

Worked in the animation industy for almost 2 1/2 years . Now Trying to break into the comic industry and Illustration . 

I am a 2d and Flash animator predominately. 

As a media Artist i am confident to do any kind of tasks in 2D and 3D.and Generally i am one of the people who love the perfection of things. so i believe
my work will also have a better perfection in a better time.

I'm a 3D animator predominantly, but i also do illustrations and flash animation and a bit of everything else. 

2-D/Flash animation and design. 

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