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How should one deal with a friend who "psychoanalyzes" without having been asked to do so?

Either one can brush it off as water on a duck's back or have a genuine and kind conversation with that individual and explain why it is hurtful. 

Tell them to stop doing it using the three part message 

Tell a friend to wait for your request. 

Smile from heart-to-heart. 

"There is no problem with other that is not self." -C. Teevens

Freedom and peace are not known by seeing problems on the outside.

We teach people how to treat us.

Tell them plainly and rudely that "you can reduce a man to pieces but you cannot kill his soul". Tell them that analysis /synthesis in psychology is not a parlor game , but an established science to be done with caution and ethics. 

Tell them it is not helpful and tell him/her exactly how to help you. 

Just ignore him/her. Do not give any importance to what he/she has to say. 

Kindly ask them to stop. Say you would prefer to talk about something different. If that doesn't help, maybe you should find yourself some new friends to hang out with. 

It tells me more about you than you get to learn about me. 

Smile and say 'Thankyou' . If it gets too much tell them to stop or walk away. 

Provide a brief course in ethics? I don't know a sure-fire way to shut up such people. 

If a friend is “psychoanalyzing" us they will be attempting to interpret our dreams and words from a Freudian perspective. What should one do with such a person who does this socially? Avoid them I'd say. 

That's a really a good question? I don't know. Perhaps one can offer him/her a gift, such as a mirror, mask or cape, for the holidays? The suggestion is to also keep it light, NOT lite, and in focus with recognition of the loving respect and appreciation, of the essential concern being shown. 

Ask them not to because their answer is only one truth not the truth as you see it. 

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