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What new trends in psychology have stirred up your interest the most?

Well I have found that a lot of "new" trends are NLP repackaged in another form. I have noticed that the cognitive therapist lobby are now using "imagery", well thats not new at all. 

Postive psychology: rather than helping clients move from -5 to 0 on the happiness scale, helping them move from 0 to +5! 

It is the integrating cognitive and behavioral methods.
It help client to managed their own problem.

Psycho-strategy online (chat consult). 

brain mapping and temporal processing ... i believe that with a neural implant, a kid could experience 5 hours of video game time in 2 minutes ... healthy? i don't know, but interesting? yes 

Trends are only the rejuvenation of an idea long forgotten but timely. 

"The Alchemy of Love and Joy" has altered my life. In an instant I went from intense suffering to amazing joy, and have remained free and at peace.

I was compelled to drop everything and write the book, and now people are using it to alter their lives.

the new science of emphasis on positive functioning; the reconceptualization of psychopathology as dimensional , prime example being autism-psychosis continuum. the greater confidence of neuroscientists/psychologists to handle hard problems like consciousness are all things that immensely excite me.. 

Brain science development, DNA breakthru's and Attachment Theory (i.e. how early child rearing practices profoundly effecting our development, personalities and problems 

Social Neuroscience.

Social Neuroscience talks about things that are highly fascinating. The fact that our social interactions can change the brain structure and neural circuitry is something that is simply amazing.

Neuropsych is exploding with possibility now that we have the ability to see better into the brain and how it functions.

Psychology is increasingly understood as a source of great insight to business - the applications are limitless and I hope to participate in many!

It is interesting to me the way a community of professionals comes together to battle it out over the content of the DSM-5 

Cognitive neuroscience is my passion. I think the brain is absolutely fascinating. I will never get tired of thinking about how the brain creates conscious experiences and controls us without our knowledge of it: both phenomena are incredible mysteries waiting to be solved. 

Postmodern/social construction thinking. 

Positive psychology - looking at what is right with us instead of what's wrong, focusing on character strenghts instead of weaknesses, looking at most 'issues' as non-pathological (staying away from diagnostic labels). 

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