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What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?

i want to have my own school and provide a good education for students 

Teaching the Word of God throughout the World. 

Because of my retiring age, and because I'm at the top of my career, I don't think I'd want to be anywhere else in five years. 

is to build a good school and hospital as the request of students,
i need to be in US


My professional goals are to continue in teaching as long as I can.But considering my age and the subject that I teach, I do not anticipate any great advancement in my career. But I will certainly do the best that I can do in my Mission- Teaching younger generation. 

I want to take up teaching / training / consultancy as my career. In five years time I must complete my Phd and should concentrate full time in teaching. I also hope and look forward that I get some international teaching experience. 

In five years' time, I wish to finish a masters degree in music education, be firmly established as a published composer, and be a major contributor in a performing and fine arts program that is the new standard for public education for the next century. I am well on the way to meeting all of those goals. 

I'd really like to try being the assistant principal sometime. I feel like there's only so much I can do from the classroom. I might take some counseling courses to try that hat on too. However, if any of those things don't work out, I would happily stay in my classroom doing what I'm doing. 

I would like to stand in a position that may affect the further development of education in my neighborhood.
Maybe the deputy of director.

I have trained over 3,000 SUNY faculty and 100+ SUNY instructional designers. In 5 years i hope to add some 0s to those numbers and to reach people beyond SUNY especially in developing countries of the world.

i want to change the world. : ) one professor @ a time.
i believe that education is a right.
i believe that education is one of the ways to solve many of the problems in the world.
i believe that online education can democratize access to education.
i believe the world can be changed. : ) one student @ a time.


I am pursuing my Ph. D. degree. I would like to be a guest professor in other universities, I would have written my first book as a individual scholar, and definitely I would be an example for my students. 

To teach in better ways and make more money teaching.

In 5 years I'd like to be not scrambling to convince administrators and teachers that instructor skills are good for participants, instructors and colleges.

No goals. I will be where I am in 5 years and be glad to be there. 

I want to be mangeing more, and less leg work. And only having to work 8 hours a day, instead of all day. :>) 

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