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What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?

I have trained over 3,000 SUNY faculty and 100+ SUNY instructional designers. In 5 years i hope to add some 0s to those numbers and to reach people beyond SUNY especially in developing countries of the world.

i want to change the world. : ) one professor @ a time.
i believe that education is a right.
i believe that education is one of the ways to solve many of the problems in the world.
i believe that online education can democratize access to education.
i believe the world can be changed. : ) one student @ a time.


I am pursuing my Ph. D. degree. I would like to be a guest professor in other universities, I would have written my first book as a individual scholar, and definitely I would be an example for my students. 

To teach in better ways and make more money teaching.

In 5 years I'd like to be not scrambling to convince administrators and teachers that instructor skills are good for participants, instructors and colleges.

No goals. I will be where I am in 5 years and be glad to be there. 

I want to be mangeing more, and less leg work. And only having to work 8 hours a day, instead of all day. :>) 

Retired :-) 

I am at the end of my professional career and I will be leaving into the sunset in one year. 

Trying to work at the cutting edge. 

I want to continue being an innovative educational leader. I want to continue helping staff and students be caring, happy individuals on our campus. 

To continually improve my teaching methods and to continue working until the day I die. Even if I'm over 100! 

Ideally I would like a permanent job as opposed to substitute teaching. At this point it is my consideration that that would still be in education - without a crystal ball, I suppose that could change. Picking a job out of a lineup I'd like to be a grade 4-6 teacher, with lots of fun things on the side such as theatre and/or writing, perhaps keeping up my online history teaching 

Well, I'm studying Translation. I do love teaching but it's a hard profession. We are never appreciated and we don't earn what we really should. If I had to continue to be a teacher I would because I like it, not because of the money. 

Still enjoying the process of learning (my own as well as my students) 

My professional goals include being able to find a solution to the growing problem of students that graduate from high school and then can't pass the Math entrance exam to get into their local community college.

Five years from now I will be in a virtual world teaching math in 3D with actual real life representations of objects, not as abstract formulas on a page from a textbook.

My husband is a teacher trainer and I may like to do that, but I have two growing businesses too! Either way I would still like to be on the front line and teaching in some way! 

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