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What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?

My professional goals include gaining experience teaching within and outside of the classroom setting. I am going to stay current from a professional development standpoint by attending workshops and conferences. I will take additional qualification courses to continue to develop my teaching practice. I am excited about becoming involved in eco-school projects and leadership opportunities within the school. I can see myself continuing my involvement within the outdoor education setting even once I have my own classroom. Five years from now I would like to use the experiences that I have gained teaching to help inform what I research for my masters degree in education. 

Well, I have already started trying some diversity in my teaching practice, with technology and projects. I have also started working as a teacher trainer - and it has given me great sense of achievement so far.
I love the classroom, yet, it seems I have reached a stage where challenges are welcome. Material development (digital or printed) and teacher training are definitely in my plans.

At McGill teaching and doing my research. 

The company I work for is constantly coming out with new programs. I am looking to grow the areas I oversee. 

Back in a classroom, for sure. 

Teaching, maybe work in doing something with public policy for disasters. Keep learning, travel, meet wonderful people. 

I want to engage more with those that missed out on training or are just starting out in management 

Director of Studies 


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