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What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years time, I plan to be in an administrative position in the international education system. I hope to be working toward my PhD. in Education. 

I hope to make a change in students lives. I want to be that teacher that is remembered when former students look back on their time in school. I hope to continually increase my knowledge base both in subject base and teaching principles and strategies. In five years I would like to be the head of a history department in a high school to engage students in the subject and expand class subject from traditional knowledge. 

My professional goals are somewhat unclear right now. I would love to have a high school job in the Hamilton Wentworth District school board as soon as possible. But if thats not in the cards right away then i will explore my other options in the teaching and coaching world. I would entertain the possibility of heading back down to the New York City area and try and get a coaching/teaching job in the Westchester area. I have a passion for coaching at a high level and would love to see where something like that would take me. I also would potentially head back over seas and play hockey for a few more years and teach english while I do that. I think doing both would be fun and it would allow me to continue my hockey career. If I was to stay in the Hamilton area then I would love to be heavily involved in coaching at the high school I'm at. I think coaching at a local high school would be a great challenge and a lot of fun. 

My professional goal is to have an impact on every student that I teach. Maybe not a huge impact, but I hope that my students see my passion for learning and teaching. In five years, I would love to be teaching at my former high school, teaching Gym and History. 

I would like to begin my teaching career hopefully at Nibissing Secondary School. Being of aboriginal decent, I believe that I can have a tremendous impact on the lives of other young aboriginal people and allow them to realize that they have the capability to succeed in their education. Beyond that I hope to aim them to realize that as a minority, they are still capable of achieving any dreams they may have.
As a future educator, after my experience teaching at Nibissing Secondary School, I am hoping that in 5 years from now I will have already gained meaningful employment with a school board, preferably at either the Sudbury Rainbow District School Board or the Sudbury District Catholic School Board. During this time I hope that I will be able to grow as a teacher and incorporate my experience of teaching on reserve with aboriginal students who attend school within the city. I hope that I will be able to gain feedback year after year from my students so that I can continue to grow as a professional educator.

Within the next five years I want to expand my qualifications so that I can experience different students and different classrooms, so I can get an understanding of where I want to go in my career. I feel that it will take at least five years to really understand myself as a teacher and where I want to develop myself professionally. When I do graduate I am excited to be a supply teacher, for a feel it will give me the opportunity to experience different students, different classrooms and different schools. I think that experience in everything in learning and that I have a lot to learn. Iím hoping that within five years, I will have more of an understanding of where I want to go in the educational system and hopefully be looking at full time employment. 

My long-term professional goal is to teach English as a Second Language in a Francophone community. I absolutely adore the French language and the French culture, and I would love to live in that community. Unfortunately, if I live in a French community, I canít teach French as a Second Language, so I would teach English. However, it is quite difficult to transfer an Ontario Teaching License to Quebec, so my short term plan is to teach French as a Second Language in Ontario. Currently, I am qualified to teach Junior/Intermediate, but I would ideally like to take my Additional Basic Qualification to teach Primary. I havenít decided if I would like to teach French Immersion and therefore be a classroom teacher, or if I would like to teach core French and be a core French teacher who teaches French to multiple grades. Ideally, I would love to be able to try both before I make a decision. In the end, it really doesnít matter what I teach because I just want to teach students and make a difference in their lives. 

In five years, I hope to be working within my own classroom. I hope to develop into a better teacher with experiences to share. I wish to teach abroad in the next few years to gain new insight into teaching and learning about different cultures. 

In the next five years I hope to land a permanent teaching position in Canada. I am open to any location, but am really interested in locations up North (Northwest Territories). I would like to continue with additional courses with hopes of gaining my specialist in special education and guidance. 

My current goals for professional development include completing my Bachelor of Education and becoming an Ontario certified Teacher. I plan to attain my senior qualification in Biology directly following the completion of the Junior/Intermediate program I am currently enrolled in.

In order to better my own ability to create an inclusive classroom and better accommodate my future students with exceptionalities, I plan to enroll in Special Education Part 1.

It is my goal to attain a job as a supply, long-term occasional or full time teacher within an Ontario school board.

Two potential, long-term development goals I have include, gaining extra university credits and attaining an additional teaching qualification in Chemistry and potentially completing my specialist qualification in special education.

In five years, I hope to be teaching in a full time permanent position. Ideally, I will be working for the Halton Catholic District School Board in an intermediate or senior division. I hope to be teaching science as part of an elementary rotary program or at the secondary level and hope to have a colourful, engaging classroom with a variety of interactive models.

My professional goals include gaining experience teaching within and outside of the classroom setting. I am going to stay current from a professional development standpoint by attending workshops and conferences. I will take additional qualification courses to continue to develop my teaching practice. I am excited about becoming involved in eco-school projects and leadership opportunities within the school. I can see myself continuing my involvement within the outdoor education setting even once I have my own classroom. Five years from now I would like to use the experiences that I have gained teaching to help inform what I research for my masters degree in education. 

Well, I have already started trying some diversity in my teaching practice, with technology and projects. I have also started working as a teacher trainer - and it has given me great sense of achievement so far.
I love the classroom, yet, it seems I have reached a stage where challenges are welcome. Material development (digital or printed) and teacher training are definitely in my plans.

At McGill teaching and doing my research. 

The company I work for is constantly coming out with new programs. I am looking to grow the areas I oversee. 

Back in a classroom, for sure. 

Teaching, maybe work in doing something with public policy for disasters. Keep learning, travel, meet wonderful people. 

I want to engage more with those that missed out on training or are just starting out in management 

Director of Studies 


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