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What issues in education are of greatest concern to you?

I am concerned with forbidding students to learn about certain things. Knowledge is knowledge. It cannot be good or bad.

Not discussing with students topics such as sex, different cultural thinking or more "adult" sides of society breeds a dangerous culture of ignorance.

My biggest issues of education is how to liberate education and education as a need. The key words of education issues are critical thinking, communication and universal. 


Social Justice 

Educating on this topic of bullying. We want children to grow into functional adults. However, without good social skills, it is hard. This problem filters over into grades and behavior. Children cannot succeed if they are being abused by their peers. 

Equity. Fair is not always equal and there are many schools in the USA that receive unfair ,but equal treatment in the way of financing good learning environments. It does not work. Many school are in a much greater need for resources than others and often all get the same. 

Standardized education. Education should not be standardized. Education is not one-size-fits-all. Education is about the learner, not about the subject. Teachers need to be allowed to teach students instead of teaching subjects! 

1) a holistic education where there is a REAL interdisciplinary approach between arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences. 2) Strong critical thinking promoted in education. 3) A strong connection to helping the student connect what they learn to their potential life's work. 

Modest and worn-out school furniture and environment; lack of facilities for out-of-class activities for the students; drinking liquor, doing drugs; inappropriate clothing of students and teachers; low salaries of the teachers. 

The need to stream line courses which are easily learned to avoid time wasting. 

Access. Funding is always being cut, yet the need for more and more education, training, etc., keeps growing.

I also think there needs to be more focus on the basics. Look, I'm all for creativity and personal expression, but as a writing teacher I think that students need to be taught the fundamentals of clear communication (yes, grammar). If they don't have a firm grasp on the way sentences work, then all the creativity and passion in the world aren't going to help these students express themselves.

The lack of Religion in schools. 

back up by the heirarchy 

Literacy, reading and writing skills, 'critical reasoning', a lost art. 

As mentioned above, not allowing for differences in student interest and capability. In effect, the dumbing down of the whole educational system. 

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