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Make a prediction: how long will the fashion of piercing and tattoos last?

I will last as long as we are here on earth. 

maybe a little longer, because the body piercing and tattoos have existed from BC. may be pierced and Tako's long-standing but with different themes each time 

I think it will always be there 

Our Lifetime. 

This is a subculture of the fashion world that will always be around. P.S. Tattoos are pretty tough to remove. ;) 

In the next few month 

this is me foreshadowing but it could either sky rocket because of the "future image" or it could end up dying off due to a more pleasant and subtle image . 

Piercing and tattoos have been around forever and will last forever. 

Was it really in fashionable?... Maybe, it was for a small group of people ... But not for everyone.
In my point of view, I never found it glamorous.

we are endlessly transformational. nothing ever truly leaves fashion for good, it always comes back around. 

It will go no where...you have six year old kids wanting both now because they see it on a daily. Honey they cannot wait LOL! 

I am a complete tattoo junkie. I have a rule though - I have to want it for at least a year before I get it. I have five tattoos now and each of them means something to me. You should never get a tattoo because it's in trend. Get one because you really want it for yourself. 

As long as they have great skin, tattoos are good. But piercing.. Naaah.. Never see it as a trend. 

I predict that it's here to stay. It has really taken off lately because of an increased desire to express individualism and who we are as individuals. 

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