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Being surrounded by a different style can cause a person to feel different. Can such a feeling transform a person?

No, I don't think so. I think it can only bring out a layer of your personality and (temporarily) put the emphasis on it. 

Humans are pack-animals, so anyone with a different style/attitude/culture will always feel different from the rest of the group. However, it is up to the person to either embrace his/her differences, or adapt. 

I do believe that by being surrounded by a different style it can cause a person to feel differently, as I feel that everyones feelings are from their inner emotions which they have become accustomed to based on their life experiences. With regards to using this feeling to change a person it generally depends on the culture and mentality of the human being in question. Personally it wouldn't change me but I can understand it transforming someone to a degree to show that they can embrace the new style around them. 

Yes. because sometimes how you dress proclaims your personality, and some people that were certain things we always make assumption, of who they are. 

I dont think it can transforn a person but it can give them a different perspective on things. It can alter their confidence depending on how comfortable they feel in that particular environment. 

Maybe but not for long. Change needs to come from inside. 

ya tentu saja, gaya berbusana bisa menjadi patokan kelakuan sehari - hari dan kebiasaan setiap orang 

Yes it can. I think it can change more than just their outer appearance and can also change their attitudes, opinions and perceptions too. 

I believe it can 

Absolutely. As previously stated, your sense of style should be a manifestation of your life experiences. Fashion evolves with us. 

Indeed - Such a feeling can transform a person 

of course, a person could look at me and say " well i wouldn't have worn that way" and begin to explore different ways of wearing things . 

Absolutely. When you look good, you feel good. You can dress up to portray any image you want. Put on a suit and all of a sudden, you feel like a professional. 

Definitely! That makes it so interesting to being open to new ways to dress yourself. 

Yes...I honestly think that's why so many have unique style now days. Turn on the computer and fill your mind with those lovely images. Open your closet and become that by recreating yourself. That and watching the way those reality show chics carry themselves. And even moving to another city or country...some become what they see in that way as well. 

How you look on the outside has a great influence on how you feel on the inside. 

If you can feel awkward when you are naked, Feel sexy on the right lingerie,Then you can feel different things with different style. 

Make-up is absolutely transformative. Many times, it's easier to feel better about yourself by working from the outside in. I have found that my favorite moments have been when I've helped someone discover a new technique, product or color which made them feel more beautiful. 

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