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What importance has professional training had on your career?

It has been of great importance. I have learned different techniques, professionalism in business, confidence and how to run a business successfully. 

I did a apprenticeship so my professional training has been very focused on exactly what is needed in my profession to be successful. I feel that the hands on training worked very well for me to develop my skills. 

The most important motto I learned in beauty school was, "The more you know, the more you're worth!"
Education plays a major role in my career, once you stop learning as an artist, you die.

You'd be surprised what you can learn from night classes and college. I would encourage anyone to attend college, but there are certain things you can only learn in the real world. My advice for anyone seeking the fashion career is to take on a client. It could be a friend, family member, or even someone you don't know. It teaches you real life experience on how to understand what the customer wants and also to incorporate your style into it. 

I don┤t have any professional training because in my living area isn┤t the school for this but i love to have some professional training. 

although i have tonnes of creativity and have been quite able to make and sell beautiful quality garments and crafts, training has refined my skills, enough so that my works are becoming more and more beautiful and saleable the more i learn.
and besides, having a bunch of qualifications to back up my talents sounds so great!

Well I don't actually have any professional training, just a whole lot of experience and a network of great contacts. 

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The only professional training I've had, was getting my certificate in Interior Design. That led to the realization that I needed to be in a creative field rather than stuck in accounting. 

As a Fashion Merchandising student, I've learned essential skills in retail buying, merchandising, and product development. They have already played a huge role in my career and will cntinue to do so. 

Professional training has had an impact on my career. However, it isn't everything. I believe that tangible experience, as well as relationships has had the greatest effect on my present situation. Learning about fit, function, and form I can accredit to my education as a fashion designer, but imagination and experience can lead to formulating your vision into a reality. 

Nobody teaches me fashion. I learn by myself with about 10 fashion magazines a month. I go shopping for vintage clothes a lot. I also go to lots of different outlet places to get great quality clothes, luxuary brands' clothes, Italian shoes, bags, accessories for lower prices. Not only in my hometown Osaka, Japan, but New York. Both cities are really unique and they get me some ideas of fashion. 

I am currently working on completing an accredited staging course. With talent it is you either have it or you don't, so the education I am pursuing is more for personal satisfaction and to boost my client's confidence in my capabilities. 

I was maked a 25 pieces for men in a fashion selection from Barcelona (2004) and then we can sold it like a show room.
And I make the best catwalk with 11 womans and knitwear (all sew, and knitwear too by me) in my fashion school (2005).

self-confidence, a lot of interesting knowledge 

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