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What importance has professional training had on your career?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Foods with a minor in Communications. I would not be where I am today without having that strong technical training in food and an understanding of the whole advertising process. 

I have recently been Voted for "BEST HAIRCOLOR AND HIGHLITES IN ORLANDO FL", by CITYSEASRCH.COM, and also from WESH2. And I am very happy to receive this award from my clients. It was the client's who voted for me and I truely appreciate this award. I am passionate about the haircolor industry and write for many online publications and enjoy the Q/A, I receive from my clients. The list below of educational credits are true and valid. I am currently working on a documentary called "KEYS TO SUCESS" which I hope will be completed by this March 2009. This documentary will engage in all aspects of Business, SEO Marketing, Portifolio's, Make Up, Website Development, Marketing. This was a idea I stumbled upon to fill a vacancy in the Cosmetology field. For the young professional, that is very important. Basically, find all the education you can and figure out if you will become a Hairstylist/Haircolorist. Most of all, share your knowledge. Find the right Salon or Salon/Spa to seek employment, and ask for advanced training. See how often they send employees to courses and ask questions. Ask for a tour of the Salon/Spa. Remember: it is your future. Learning is the key to improving your skills. I did not get to the level I am now by not improving my skills. I fully believe that if there is a persistant and hard working attitude, any individual will improve. Hair Coloring will not come to the haircolorist overnight and there will be a full variety of courses to attend. Make the most of your profession and try to be the best hair colorist. Never wave your flag and most of all, stay humble. Anyone can make it to the top but staying there is very hard. Constant training will have to be undertaken and a balance of professional and private time is very important. Seek out a mentor and learn; watch as many instructional videos as possible and amass a library. It is also good to learn from the bad though I will not comment too much on that. When you start getting haircolor and corrective color referrals, you will see the work you will have to fix. Some professionals never really attain a high level of standards and go through their day-to-day lives just overcharging customers. They go to work thinking they have to make a certain amount of money a day, when in reality if they just concentrate on each individual hair color client, they will come out ahead. 

Training in our industry is of the upmost important. You won't stay in business without it, and trends constantly change. 

Professional training depends on your profession. It may add value, might be essential or is of no use at all. It all depends. 

I can't say enough about continued training within our industry. This is an ever evolving industry that never rests. Wonderful new techniques in color placement, hair cutting and design that are constantly being introduced and as a professional it is a responsibility and an honor to ensure that I keep training and learning to give my clients the best that I have. This attitude toward professional training has kept me from getting stale and bored with the industry and my career. 

It has had a strong importance on my career. You must never stop growing, researching and re-inventing yourself! Nothing is constant except for change. 

My training has made a huge impact on where I am today! 

Many credentials and years of training, hands on experience and continuing Ed has been critical to being an expert in this field. 

I have had no formal training for wig creation, but i have attended numerous classes on marketing/sales and small business. 

Training is important as well as knowledge of cooking techniques and cuisine. Experience and having an eye for detail helps. 

Being able to call on my peers has been a great help. The International Assoc. of Culinary Professionals and the Food Photography and Styling Conference held in conjuction with Boston University have been very helpful. 

going to a profession school, and then working with high powered and very influencal companies giving me exposure to all levels of the textile industry. 

not much..Learnt working. 

In beauty school you learn things to pass your state boards, Being an assistant to professionals, you learn how to work with real situations. I can't think of a better way to learn than to be side by side with someone who is a specialist that will challenge you to learn before giving you the answers. 

Professional training is important and invaluable in my career, but so was experience and innate passion for the field. 

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