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What kind of relationship do you have with your students?

Friend and mentor as well as ongoing support and advice 

Trying to keep the level of strictness and mutual respect on a high level, but with a scent of friendship and understanding for their teenage years and problems that usually affect their mood. :) 

I'm friendly and patient with them. 

Informal outside the class but absolutely formal in the classes. As a whole I am very friendly with my students. 

Just like a parent, has to be firm - not too loose and not too hard. 

I like to be a friend-teacher, to get their trust and try to understand what are the challenges they have to face. 

My students and I have a positive relationship of mutual respect and open communication. My students know that they can come talk to me about anything. Any questions that they might have or a problem that they want to fix, I am always willing to help them. Since I try to use humor in some situations when teaching, they usually have smiles on their faces, which makes teaching them enjoyable. 

Overall, I believe that my philosophy touches upon the four Ethical Standards of Teaching outlined by the Ontario College of Teachers. Care: my philosophy provides positive encouragement and a desire to see students reach and succeed their potential. Trust: my philosophy and my strategies will aim to have students ‘own’ their work and feel it was them doing and not me directing. Respect: my philosophy believes in the democratic approach to learning that is open and shared. My specific strategies will try to show this respect. I will also encourage students to respect themselves by promoting social time and time to take care of themselves. Simply, have fun. Finally, Integrity: my philosophy is one that will be ever evolving. It will aim to use what works, adapt when the need arises, learn and listen to my students, peers and parents, and to grow as a professional by challenging myself and never settling. 

We share a mutual respect. This is best described by TRIBES, an additional teaching tool for building relationship between you and your students. It is important to show that you stand beside your students and you help each other in achieving their goals. The time of the "sage on the stage" is over. It is time to embrace a new style of teaching where students can look at their teachers in more of a friendly manner rather than simply a professional 

I want to be able have a relationship with my students that is a very friendly one. At the same time your students must understand that you are the teacher and when it is time to work they must respect that. I want my students to be able to come and talk to me with any problems that they might be having. Problems with their work, problems with other students and even problems in their home life. Students that can trust you I feel will be much more inclined to listen to you when you are teaching your lesson. 

The relationship that I had with my students this past placement was amazing. I don't think that this will be the case with each class, although I would love it to be. I had a strong connection with the class as a whole, and also individual students. My AT commented on how I have been able to make a connection with this group, where she still hasn't quite yet, and she said this is due to the personalities in the class and they just meshed with mine. As for future students, my philosophy is that if you treat students with respect, listen to them, and give them an opportunity to express themselves then they will respect you and want to participate and engage in your classroom. That is what I did this time around, and it seemed to work! 

I think that it is important as a teacher to maintain a respectful relationship with your students. I believe that if I treat my students with respect, they will also treat me with respect. It is important for students to feel as if they can approach their teacher with any issue they might have, having a respectful relationship will allow for students to feel as if they can ask any question. 

I don’t believe that the teacher should be placed on a pedestal, but rather a general respect should be throughout the classroom. I think that the teacher needs to be the authority in the classroom, but in a democratic way. I think that student’s views and thoughts should be respected and considered, but the teacher needs to be the mediator in the class, to create stability and balance. 

I believe in a democratic, non-authoritarian classroom. My students would have a say in many aspects of the classroom, because it affects them just as much as it affects me. I would be open and honest with my students, and all them to have creative freedom with assignments when possible. I will make sure that all my students feel free to talk or discuss anything with me, both academic and personal.

It is important for students to feel comfortable with their teachers. In earlier grades, the students are with the teacher for the majority of the day. If they feel oppressed, uncomfortable, or anxious around the teacher it will affect all the work they do throughout the semester. It also provides a good role model for the students. They see someone allowing multiple opinions, allowing freedom, and being very inclusive. All of these traits would then hopefully be passed onto the students.

One of the most important parts of teaching is the ability to build great rapport with your students. Students need to feel safe, safe to be themselves, safe to try even if they might make a mistake, within their classroom and with their teacher. A teacher builds great rapport with their students by being both supportive and caring towards their students. Teachers need to show interest in their students and get to know their likes and dislikes. If a student trusts their teacher they are more likely to listen during class and take in more of what they are being taught. 

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