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What is your educational philosophy?

I thing everyone is a teacher - could this be the second oldest profession?
I believe instructors need to constantly improve how they teach with the end goal of 'teaching in ways others can learn.'

Follow your heart. My mission is to help in that mission. 

Time is too valuable to waste. So I only teach topics our customers will actualy use in the real world. I do not want to waste the customer's time talking about things that are non-value added (things they will never need in their lifetime.:>) 

Hands on experience
Casual conversation

Teach how your students learn. Too often students are given answers to remember, rather than problems to solve. Encourage critical and creative thinking. 

Use all of your senses...not just the 5 we all know...draw on everything and everyone..and create your own philosophy 

Much of what I have to say about education can be found in derrick jensen's Walking On Water. The rest is details. 

I have had the opportunity to have met, discussed, and to be mentored by some of the greatest instructors and advocates in child development and children’s play. These individuals have helped me to see the value and need for becoming a voice of change in the way children are raised and taught. Such individuals as Bev Bos, Dr. Joe Frost, Dr. Stuart Brown, Dr. Bruce Perry, Alfie Kohn, Dr. John Medina, Hara Marona, Dr. Pat Wolfe, and so many others have instilled upon me foundational bricks that have allowed me to grow in my knowledge of how children develop. 

Make it interactive, make it fun, make it memorable. 

My favorite quote is a famous Chinese Proverb that real sums up my educational philosophy.

Never dismiss anything, think carefully about everything, always try to be relevant and ensure that you keep an open-mind. 

I believe in presenting things in a few different ways and allowing people to learn in an unstructured manner. 

All students should be given opportunities, all stake holders from parent to government should responsible for the success ofthe youth. There is no expiration on teachers and students. Caring individualized parenting combined with disciplined exploration of classics and contemporary issues is necessary for a well rounded global and local citizen. 

You are never too old to learn new things. Challenge your brain cells every day and you will always retain your mental faculties. Be prepared to change your habitual ways of seeing things and doing things. When you stop changing - you STOP! 

Three words: students, students, students. 

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